While there are many agencies that provide a donor the confidence that an organization is using its financial resources wisely, LPGM has been reviewed by the Charities Review Council and we are proud to meet its Accountability Standards. The Charities Review Council helps people make informed giving choices by providing tools and information about charities. To read our charity review report, visit the Charities Review Council (http://www NULL.smartgivers

View the LPGM 2013 Annual Report here.

View 12.31.13 Statement of Income & Expense Activity Report here.

Additional details about the 2013 Annual Report are also found in the IRS 990 report. In 2013 LPGM granted $585,840 to partners in India. We partner with Lutheran churches to provide support of students through an individual sponsorship program in an one-on-one match of student to sponsor. We provide funding and encouragement to nearly 100 small church owned schools through library and English+ programs. We have partnered to build dormitories and maintain boarding home structures, to build and expand a community college, and to enlarge and empowerment center for women and children.

In 2013 LPGM granted $107,348 to partners in the Central African Republic and Nigeria. The Lutheran churches of the Central African Republic and Nigeria have identified programs and projects that will improve the physical and spiritual lives of their constituents and the larger community. We have partnered with congregations and individuals to provide funding for the church to organize and manage a Village Savings and Loan program, to fund the programs of a women’s center, to fund a portion of the requirements of a regional health center that provides village health education and nutritional counseling along with life-saving procedures, as well as safe water and resources for pastors, church officials and lay leadership.

In 2013 LPGM granted $20,988 for programs in Argentina that pair Lutheran congregations from the United States with Lutheran congregations in Argentina. They form partnerships beneficial to both parties with the major focus on the programs deemed important by each congregation. Ini some cases the partnerships fund child care, ministry to elders, child development, social services, educational and nutritional development.

If you would like a copy of the current audit or the current IRS 990 report, please contact Naomi at the LPGM office.

Thank you for your support of Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry. We honor the trust you have placed in us and are committed to spending your gift responsibly.