Companion Synod Partnerships

Within our name, Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry, one defining word stands out. We believe partnership is a key to effective ministry.

No one can do mission alone.

A healthy concept of partnership requires an understanding that we cannot go it alone. So we each find a way to contribute to make things happen. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America uses a model of accompaniment. Synods work through ELCA guidelines to support various projects and build congregation-to-congregation relationships. LPGM often assists with communication, money transfers, networking and generating enthusiasm.

Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Central African Republic

  • Eastern North Dakota
  • Western North Dakota
  • Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast

The Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria

  • Minneapolis (MN) Area

Arcot Lutheran Church, India

  • Northern Illinois

LPGM’s call to this mix is to strengthen partnerships. We do this with great anticipation and enthusiasm. When all partners work in harmony, the church will be stronger, lives will be improved, and God’s kingdom will reach beyond the horizon. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this great movement.

Updated March 2013