Library Program morphs into English+

Thanks to the 105 library sponsors in the form of congregations, small groups, extended families and individuals, for making the Library Programme of the Arcot Lutheran Church School Project a smashing success.

There is more exciting information on a related page regarding the second phase of this library development efforts to bring the unifying language in India to all students: English +.

The special partnership between the Rotary Club of Elmbrook, Wisconsin (USA) and the Yercaud TELC (India) is told through Rotary Voices, Stories of service from around the world (http://blog NULL.rotary

English + In Action

In July 2013, Mary and Naomi visited India and saw English + in action. At even the smallest school, the curriculum is being used to full advantage to bring English speaking and reading skills to young children. We witnessed children listening, repeating, answering questions and completing workbook exercisesIMG_0886 , all using English words and creative methods that makes the learning fun. It is an intense course that encompasses a regular part of their education; however, the majority of learning other subjects happens in their native Tamil.

We met with three mothers of children who are studying English +. These women told us that it is so very important to them that their children learn English. One mother said she believes that her IMG_0904daughter will grow up to live in a better world because she knows English. In a land of extreme diversity and an unknown number of languages/dialects, English is a unifying linguistic.

Of course we know that young minds adapt to multiple languages better than older minds. In the instance of Tamil speaking children learning English it can literally mean the difference between surviving and thriving as an adult.

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Enjoy these images of the the children receiving the delivery of new books for their library … what joy!!