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From our English+ Program champion, Jane Koons, some lovely words as she settles back in to life in India. You can support this program via the link below!

Good morning, LPGM, from India,

All went well with the journey back and I am ready to hit the road tomorrow. It will be good to catch up with the staff on how the 21 English+ Summer Camps went and the next steps forward in the weeks ahead. We will also be working on getting the English+ Mobile Computer Lab back on the road.

A special treat will be experiencing three of the four new E-Learning Schools in action. Both the Wisconsin Rotarians and the schools are elated with the initial responses to the program. The fourth school is in the Kalrayan Hills. I look forward to getting there as soon as possible. The HM and lead teacher Rosi at Kariyalur ES keep saying they can’t believe they are an E-Learning school. It means so much to them.

Sending waves of sultry heat your way! The flame trees are burning brightly. It’s peak season!

All the best, Jane

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