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This past Saturday, the LPGM Board and Staff gathered to conduct routine business but also spent some time considering and brainstorming LPGM’s future. Julie Rogness shared a potential new partnership for LPGM to contemplate for the future; details will be shared more broadly as plans coalesce. As if that weren’t exciting enough, LPGM then hosted over 60 guests at an Annual Gathering where acclaimed photographer, writer, and former LPGM board member and alumni traveler, John Noltner, spoke about his current project and book, A Peace of My Mind: American Stories.  More information about his work can be found online: A Peace of My Mind. His presentation was inspirational and thought provoking, asking each of us in the audience to consider what peace truly means to us. His work has been a source of inspiration for LPGM for many years, and we were grateful that he was able to be with us and share his work on such an important topic.

Thanks to our board and staff members for their wonderful work, to our LPGM partners and supporters for gathering with us, and to John Noltner for his presentation and work in the world. We continue to be inspired by everyone with whom we work and for whom we work.  Blessings for another successful year of work at LPGM!

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