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LPGM celebrates 25 years of listening, responding & bearing witness to global partners

By May 12, 2020October 5th, 2021No Comments

When a passionate, dedicated and mission-minded group formally registered their new “mission advocacy” organization with the State of Minnesota in the summer of 1995, they couldn’t have known the twists and turns that Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry would travel over the next two and a half decades.

Founded in response to Tim Olson’s tragic death in the Central African Republic, this community came together in the hope and faith that green shoots would rise out of the dead earth.

They didn’t yet know that a small Lutheran church body in India would reach out about sponsoring students who needed a place to live and learn.

They couldn’t have imagined waking up to news of a catastrophic tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 that would affect so many, or of the dream of building a community college in the ensuing ten years that would focus on the families and livelihoods of those very tsunami victims.

In the past 25 years, the community of LPGM has grown and transformed in unimaginable ways.

More than 600 of you have traveled to places like the Central African Republic, Argentina, Guatemala and India, meeting neighbors, seeing how God is at work across the world, and returning home transformed.

You’ve helped more than 9,344 people living in dire poverty in C.A.R. access stable financial loans through the Village Savings and Loan program.

You’ve provided scholarships for young Q’eqchi’ Maya women in Guatemala and provided safe housing for young Maasai women in Tanzania.

All of this has happened, and continues to happen, because for 25 years the LPGM community of which you’re a part has listened to the needs and priorities of neighbors around the world and responded to their voices.

Thank you for being part of this community over the past 25 years, and for driving this mission and ministry for another 25 to come!

Author Dan Ruth

Dan Ruth is the executive director of LPGM and an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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