Updated September 20, 2018

We did it (together)!


We met our matching challenge! We’re honored and grateful to all the donors who chose LPGM to care for “the least of these” across the globe. This is your ministry. You are helping women and children access quality education in Guatemala, Tanzania, India and the Central African Republic.

I am profoundly grateful for you and your lasting commitment to these students. Thanks for being part of this global ministry!

God’s blessings,


Your faithful support makes it possible for students to stay in school. You are such an important piece of our shared mission. Thank you!

I’m excited to tell you that your gift today can go even further! I’m inviting you to DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT and help keep students in school. A generous donor has offered to match your gift, dollar for dollar, up to $20,599.60!

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Your doubled gift will help students like Norma…

In the highlands of central Guatemala, girls like Norma typically only study through sixth grade. After sixth grade, there’s a 75% chance she will drop out of school, get married and start a family — even at this young age.

When Norma entered the WALC program, she was on this very path. But little by little her goals changed and grew. Norma began to see the value of being able to complete her education.

And thanks to the annual scholarship she receives through this program, now she’s in tenth grade, four years beyond the norm! Each additional year is worth celebrating.

“If it weren’t for this program, I wouldn’t be studying.”

Norma, Gloria and their parents

Norma (back left) and her sister, Gloria, (front left) have both learned so much from the WALC program, thanks to donors like you!

Norma is nearing the end of her schooling and wants to become a teacher. She’d especially love to teach others about birds, since she’s enjoyed learning about them through the WALC program.

If Norma can finish her final year, she’ll not only improve her own future — including higher income, better health and a safer life — but will pass those positive benefits on to future generations.

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She’s almost there! Your gift will ensure Norma can finish school – and reach her goal of becoming a teacher!

With your prayers and support, students like Norma go from a 75% school drop-out rate to a 5% drop-out rate. Norma will soon start another year of school, closing in on that finish line – it’s in sight! You have shown that you care about the life-changing power of education, will you give a gift before the start of the upcoming school year?

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Author Dan Ruth

Dan Ruth is the executive director of LPGM and an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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