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What a year it’s been, both internally at LPGM and for your sponsored students in India!

As I stepped into my first month as executive director at LPGM last September, I was blessed to be able to visit many of your students. I was blown away by the energy, determination and joy I saw on their faces.

The curiosity that the boys and girls show about you, their sponsors, was a sight to behold. I can’t tell you the number of times a student hesitantly approached me, asking, “Do you know my sponsor, [Connie Christianson]?” And while I could rarely answer “yes”, I was certainly able to greet all the students on your behalf.

This year marked a number of significant milestones for students in India.

In June we worked with the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Association Foundation (JELA) to distribute solar lanterns to 150 of your students’ families. Generously donated by Panasonic, these lanterns provide solar-powered, battery operated light to homes with little natural light or electricity. This small gift enables students to study longer when they’re home, gives their mothers more light for cooking and even helps in the evenings as they check to make sure all their goats have returned!

In December many students got a brand new experience: a field trip (“excursion”) outside their boarding home. Thanks to a couple brave girls at Siloam who asked to use this year’s Wish List funding to “experience something outside our boarding home,” students were able to spend time at places like the zoo, a museum, or the beach. Many of them had never had an opportunity to visit any of these places. (Read more about the excursions.)

All the while, the boarding homes continue to offer a safe, nurturing place for students to learn and thrive.

I am grateful to have joined LPGM this year and for the opportunity to walk beside these boys and girls as they learn and grow.

Thank you for your continued support!


Updates from Your Student’s Boarding Home

Siloam (010)

The progress of a community is measured by its social, cultural, political, religious and economic standards. Siloam shows incredible progress in every realm.

The girls at Siloam ventured to save planet Earth this year. With the organization Nadopana Sei (“Do what the country accepts as good”), the girls made hundreds of “seed balls” and distributed saplings to their parents and communities.

We helped develop the girls’ leadership traits through the observation of International Humanitarian Day, World Health Day, and Teachers’ Day, among others. “Orange the World” was a movement that inspired the girls to speak out about their experience of violence against women and girls.

This year has inscribed much in the lives of each and every girl in the boarding home. Thank you!

Rev. Jane Anitha, Manager
Anbu Kaliyapenumal, LPGM Field Coordinator

Melpattambakkam (020)

Melpattambakkam is the pioneer mission for girls to get a good education and better nourishment.

Sixth through twelth grade girls study and live here. They get good food, shelter, clothes, notebooks and other amenities. We are training them to reach out and touch the world as women; wives and children can play a significant role in the world.

This year we’re planning to invite alumni to visit, to teach and inspire the girls about life after the boarding home.

We earnestly pray for you and your mission. We remain thankful to you for your unconditional support.

Mrs. Navanitham Jayakanthan, Manager
Vinitha Ramesh, LPGM Field Coordinator

Saron (030)

Parameshwaran is a sixth grade student at Saron. He and his brother Arun, a fourth grader, lost their parents and were enrolled in the boarding home by their new guardian, a friend of their late father.

Despite their family circumstances, Parameshwaran’s face recently lit up with joy when he received a letter from his sponsor. He called his brother over to see it and read it together.

It was a Christmas greeting card. Parameswaran cheerily exclaimed, “I felt the joy of real Christmas!”

I understand the real joy. It’s not about money or material gifts. It is a personal connection of pure heart and soul. Love transforms lives.

Rev. D. Gnanasekaran, Manager
Jagatheesh Samuvel, LPGM Field Coordinator

Kalrayan Hills (040)

Most of the students in the Hills are first generation learners. They come from tribal villages that often lack electricity, hospital facilities and other basic needs.

This year we celebrated with two top students. Jagadeesh is a 10th grade student who received high scores in the public exams this year. Vignesh got top rank among 12th grade students.

We are proud of these students and sincerely thank their sponsors for supporting these children.

Rev. D. Thangadurai, Manager
Victor Christhuraj, LPGM Field Coordinator

Concordia Girls (070)

We are grateful to you for your great service to the girls and their families.

This year we arranged special coaching classes in English and Math by experienced teachers. We’ve also arranged a special instructor to teach the girls handiworks, in order to develop their creativity and explore their hidden talents.

From the bottom of our hearts, we express our gratitude to you all and pray that God will bless you and reward you for all your help.

Mrs. Indra Michael, Manager
Mrs. Sheeba Ruban, LPGM Field Coordinator

Good Shepherd (110)

We are grateful for the wonderful guidance and boundless service to the deaf students at Good Shepherd.

We are proud that our children received second prize for their group dance at a cultural program for handicapped children in Chennai.

The hearing aids and speech therapy you provide are very useful to develop their ability to speak.

We, the staff and children, are very much grateful to our Almighty God and our sponsors for all your help.

Rev. D. Raja, Manager
Mrs. Sheeba Ruban, LPGM Field Coordinator

Author Dan Ruth

Dan Ruth is the executive director of LPGM and an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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