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So many of you have shown your deep commitment to marginalized students in India through Project Education India. Your support means the world to these students. THANK YOU!

Your gifts provide education, a life-changing degree for your students. But your gifts do so much more! Because of your sponsorship, students:

  • eat three nutritious meals a day;
  • have a safe place to live;
  • participate in after-school tutoring;
  • receive regular health care and check-ups;
  • participate in extracurricular activities like athletics, music and dance; and
  • have a full-time LPGM staff member on their campus, providing additional attention, support, and regular communication with you!
Students at Melpattambakkam Boarding Home outside Cuddalore, India, say “Thank You” to sponsors like you!

Across the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, graduation rates have increased more than 57% since 2005! More and more students are pursuing college or university, delaying marriage, and raising their own standard of living. These positive outcomes are a direct result of your commitment to invest in an individual student.

Sponsorship Rate Increasing $5 per month

To continue building on this success, additional investments are needed. This month your student is returning to his/her next year of school. At this time, the sponsorship rate is increasing five dollars per month (from $25 to $30), or $60 per year (from $300 to $360). This rate will be reflected at the time of your next scheduled contribution.

The last time LPGM increased the sponsorship rate was in 2012. Since 2012, India has seen massive economic growth. The costs of education and care have increased greatly, with inflation causing prices to climb nearly 43% over that period.

I’ve visited these students and have personally seen the difference your sponsorship makes! There is something so profound in seeing and feeling the gratitude your student has for you and what you have made possible for them.

What a gift you are.  

We know the student you sponsor is part of your family. You may pray for him or her, communicate with him or her, wonder how he or she’s doing, and praise God when he or she succeeds. If this increase poses a challenge for you, please contact us at 612.823.5058 or We’ll work with you to continue to support your student.

How do I make the update?

If you are used to receiving a sponsorship reminder in the mail, your next contribution reminder will include the new sponsorship rate.

If you give through your bank’s automated bill-pay service, please contact your bank to update your sponsorship rate.

If you currently give your sponsorship through an automated withdrawal, fill out this simple online form to authorize this increase online.

Authorize Increase Now

Thank you for providing real, tangible support for your student. Through your support of quality education, you are providing opportunities for low-income students.

Author Dan Ruth

Dan Ruth is the executive director of LPGM and an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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