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Betty traveled to the Central African Republic in November 2012

How do you see a beautiful chapel, designed by your own son, and not shed a tear or two? It was filled with fifteen promising seminarians, their wives and preschool children all worshiping and communing together with us–six foreigners.

Africans love to worship in the round, so the chapel was designed with six sides CAR 2012 11 Gordy (76)and an open door, inviting all to enter. The walls are made of beautiful African stone with symbols of faith etched into the wall behind the altar and a solid metal roof.

Based on the following scripture passage, this chapel needed to be solid and sturdy and everlasting, as is our God.

“Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I send you.” — John 20:21

What a wonderful addition to a lovely seminary in the heart of Africa.

CAR 2012 11 Gordy (2)In 1991, during his short time in C.A.R., Timothy G. Olson sketched a chapel for the seminary campus in Baboua, based on John 20:21. The chapel was built in 1994 with funds from a member of First English Lutheran Church in Appleton, Wisconsin, even before LPGM was an official entity.

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