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Central African Republic

VSL Member Testimony

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On a recent trip to C.A.R., founding director Gordon Olson asked for stories that demonstrated the importance of this program.  Here is Eveline’s testimony:

Testimony of a female member of the Association decapitalised GA MO BA by crisis and supported by the emergency project in Hausa area Bouar.

I am Mrs. Eveline Yambo, member number 10 in association GA MO BA located at Hausa area Bouar. It has been three years that I remain a member of the Villager Association Savings and Loan (AVEC is the French acronym). I am a saleswoman of various products and necessities (oil, tomato, chili powder, lemon, salt, powdered okra, peanut paste, onion, etc.). I sell these ware in the early evening market at the Hausa neighborhood. With this small business I came to save and get a considerable amount at the end of each cycle in my association.

During the crisis [in our country] my family ran away to secure another neighborhood and all articles of my business and all our belongings were burned down. Our house was gone so that we did not have anything left.

Thanks to the emergency project initiated by OSEEL-RCA [the NGO of the church in C.A.R.] I received a sum of 20,000 CFA which allowed me to get my small business going again and provided food rations my family during the post-conflict period. Gradually, I now have a small capital that allows me to get me the missing products on my table in the market and I have taken over the activities in my savings association. While we have lost everything, the only hope for me today lies in the activity of my association because I am certain to receive a credit (loan) if I need it. I have modest capital at the end cycle of the association to achieve our family projects.

THANK YOU to all who continue to believe in this program, to pray for the participants of the associations and those who support this venture with financial contributions.

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