LPGM 101: Overview of LPGM

In this first webinar of the inaugural four-part series, learn about LPGM’s founding, meet current staff, and hear a bit about our partners and our work around the globe. 

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Other LPGM 101 Webinars

LPGM 101: Project Education India. Learn about our longest running, flagship program, the sponsorship of boarding home students in India. (Recorded April 26, 2022)

LPGM 101: Tanzania. Learn about our partners’ work with young Maasai women in Tanzania through the Safe Initiative. (Recorded May 3, 2022)  

LPGM 101: Guatemala. Dr. Tricia Hall shares through firsthand story and video how LPGM's partnership with Community Cloud Forest Conservation is transforming the land and lives of young Q’eqchi’ Maya women in the cloud forest of Guatemala. (Recorded May 17, 2022)



Date & Time

10:11am to 10:11am on April 19, 2022