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Three years ago, LPGM initiated an end-of-year “wish list” to fulfill extra needs that students themselves had identified.

This year, rather than physical objects (such as sports equipment, art supplies or musical instruments), the students request excursions. They wanted a chance to see the world outside their boarding home.

Each boarding home planned their own excursion. Students visited temples or other holy sites, beaches, a bird sanctuary, a zoo, the neighboring state of Kerala, and many other sites.

Your gifts enabled students to see parts of their own country they’ve never had the chance to see. Thank you for opening their eyes!

Thank You, Wish List Donors!

Norma & Dave Amundson
The Rev Gerald & Sharon Anderson
Mari & Bo Aylin
Phyllis & Al Charlson
Doris & Robert Earl
Mary Eversoll
Mary, Jon, Soren, & Solvej Eversoll
Charlotte Finseth
Nancy Garwick
Celeste & Jim Gibson
Drs Tricia & Christopher Hall
Sue & Keith Hanson
Lori & Kevin Hartz
June Hayer
Beth & David Hoeppner
Jennifer Kahler
Elizabeth & Lowell Kebschull
Mary & Danny Kelly
Klehn Family Foundation
Susan & Larry Miller
Gail & Phil Minerich
IvaNell Monson
Julie Myles & Robert Dolle
Judith & Terry Nichols
Mary Ann & Gary Ouradnik
Linda & Terry Pearson
Mary & Ralph Peterson
Janelle & Jason Skinner
Sharon Stoeck
Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church
Laurina & Randy Tofteland
Anne & Doug Westby
Anne & David Williamson
Bonnie & Verne Winter
Susan Bronken & Steven Zelinsky

Author Dan Ruth

Dan Ruth is the executive director of LPGM and an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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