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Boarding Homes in Tamil Nadu, India

LPGM was first introduced to the children who live and study in boarding homes in Tamil Nadu, South India, back in 1996. Today, students are sponsored at six boarding homes. We are living out Christ’s command by providing a place for hundreds of children to live while they are studying and learning in elementary and higher secondary school.

Arcot Lutheran Church Boarding Homes

Siloam Boarding Home (010) – Siloam is located in the heart of the Arcot region, in Tirukoilur, 130 miles southwest of Chennai. As headquarters for the ALC School Project which embraces over 90 schools, and with a guesthouse that sleeps 20+ people, Siloam is often the location of training conferences and church-wide meetings and events. The 100 year old boarding home houses 600 girls, 470 of whom are supported by LPGM. The adjacent school educates mostly female students from the 1st – 12th standard (grade). Students worship in an ALC church on campus. Staffed by child care workers, gardeners, watchmen, counselor, cooks and maintenance staff, the campus is an oasis in a very poor community. Recent improvements to the campus include the renovation of an all-purpose building and several landscaping projects.

Melpattambakkam Boarding Home (020) – Located just west of Cuddalore and southwest of Pondicherry, Melpattambakkam was the first settlement for Danish missionaries in 1864. It is the largest boarding home, housing 650 girls studying in standards 6 – 12. LPGM sponsors support 330 young women. On the campus is a girls higher secondary school. The boarding home has a staff of 10 child care workers, a counselor, several cooks, watchmen and maintenance workers. The girls worship at the ALC church across the road.

Saron Boarding Home (030) – The Saron Boys Boarding Home is located in Tiruvannamalai, a city in the northern part of the Arcot region, and houses 400 boys, most of whom are supported by LPGM. On the campus is a school that educates children in standards (grades) 1 – 12. Over the past 100 years, the Saron Boys Boarding Home has educated many of the church leaders. A full staff of child care workers, a counselor, cooks, watchmen and maintenance workers make sure the children are cared for in a clean, safe, nurturing and pleasant environment. At the center of the campus is a huge colonial mission house that is now used for classrooms and offices.

The Kalrayan Hills (040) – LPGM supports 190 children in boarding homes in the tribal region of the Kalrayan Hills. Life in these villages was very remote until Danish missionary/nurse, Helga Johansen, climbed the hills in the 1960’s. Small tapioca and rice fields are scattered across the hillsides.

  • LPGM sponsors children at Alathi Primary School and Hostel, staffed by child care workers, cooks and teachers. Although remote, the school is self-sufficient with its own well and electricity.
  • Kariyalur Boarding Home is a boys residence, grades 6-12, who attend the Helga Johansen Higher Secondary School. Located a few hundred yards from the school, the boys are cared for in a hostel run by the Arcot Lutheran Church.
  • Mavadipattu Boarding Home is a girls residence, grades 6-12, located adjacent to the Helga Johansen Higher Secondary School, and houses 60 girls who are supervised by a single warden supported by LPGM sponsors. The children attend a church nearby.

India Evangelical Lutheran Church Boarding Homes

Concordia Girls Boarding Home, Nagercoil (070) – Built as an entirely new facility in 2000, designed by MSAADA Architects and funded by Youth Encounter, this facility is surrounded by a wall for security and has four sleeping rooms, each holding 12 girls. The girls are in grades 6-12, all sponsored by LPGM.

Good Shepherd School for the Deaf, Tuticorin (110) – In the port city of Tuticorin in the southern part of Tamil Nadu, India, this school was started in 1981 an LCMS missionary to the IELC. Started with just three students in first grade, the school has since expanded through middle school. Current enrollment is 40 children between 5 and 19 years (preschool – 8th standard). All students are sponsored by LPGM.

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