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I am so thankful for you and the many gifts you share with the students who count on Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry.

You are an essential part of our mission to offer students access to quality education. Through your gifts, students are staying in school and dreaming about their future. A future that may include college. Or a good job. Or simply a higher salary because of their education, no matter the job.

And your generosity doesn’t stop there! This year you have helped expand the global reach of LPGM to Tanzania!

Your gift today will get us closer to our shared vision where all students have the resources they need to thrive. We can’t do this work without your help.

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I want to share a personal story of Vasuki with you. Her story reveals why your gifts matter so much.

Vasuki is adorable. She’s in the first grade and has had the biggest smile plastered on her face ever since she arrived at Siloam boarding home. Vasuki’s life has taken a positive turn and she’ll be sure to let you know!


This is Vasuki’s first year of school at Siloam. She recently told staff she doesn’t want to go home for the holidays because she has so many caring sisters at Siloam!

This is her first year at Siloam. Her first year of school. Her first year away from her family. That’s a lot of new experiences for a 6-year-old. Before Vasuki arrived at Siloam her mother had to move to a neighboring state in India to find work as a day laborer. As a single mother, and because of the demands of her job, she couldn’t bring Vasuki with her.

Before coming to school, Vasuki lived with her grandmother. And now that the holidays are approaching, Vasuki will return to her grandmother’s during the break. But she recently told the staff she’d rather stay at the school because she has so many caring sisters there.

Thanks to supporters like you, Vasuki will be able to live and study at Siloam from first to twelfth grade. She now has the opportunity to grow up with 700 loving sisters!

Like many of her sisters at Siloam, Vasuki was born into the lowest status in the Indian caste system. The past has proven that—simply being born into this system—she should expect to work a low paying, low-respect job. She could be forced to live outside of the village and she not allowed to own property. Education for children born into Vasuki’s caste tends to be low quality and often ends long before the twelfth grade.

Today there are laws, systems and protections for members of her caste, but Vasuki will face many challenges and great discrimination in her life… all because of this system she was born into.

Young girls like Vasuki have three big challenges to overcome since she’s Dalit, female, and poor.

Your gift provides Vasuki and her classmates an education; you can change her life.

Yes! I want to help!


Young girls like Vasuki have three big challenges to overcome since she’s Dalit, female, and poor. Your gift provides Vasuki and her classmates an education; you can change her life.

Each year Vasuki stays in school, she could earn up to 25% more income as an adult. Imagine what 11 more years of school will do! That could be a 275% boost to her adult income.

Additionally, if and when Vasuki becomes a mother herself, she is more than twice as likely to send her own children to school! Generations of students will benefit from your year-end gift today!

Vasuki’s so interested in her studies that she doesn’t want to take a break! She’ll go home during the Christmas break, but will return to Siloam in January to continue her studies. This will set a foundation for a life where she won’t have to leave her daughter in the care of a grandmother to earn a meager income for her family.

It’s a long journey ahead of Vasuki, but the author of Hebrews reminds us:

“since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight… and let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us.”

You are part of Vasuki’s cloud of witnesses. Your donations, your sponsorships, your prayers allow her to attend school. And her “sisters” at the school are all there because you have joined with other witnesses to make education a reality for them. For Vasuki.

Vasuki will be home over Christmas, but will be dreaming of being with her friends, her cloud. She still has 11 years of school left, and together we will get her there! When she returns to school in January, let’s give her the best Christmas welcome we know how: a gift of education.

Will you give today, to help students like Vasuki — whether they live in India, Tanzania, Guatemala, or the Central African Republic — have a safe home, good friends, and a strong education?

Yes! I want to help!

Give now to keep that smile plastered on her bright, young face.

With deep gratitude,

Rev. Dan Ruth
Executive Director (and Vasuki supporter)

P.S. Give your year-end gift today! Students like Vasuki count on you to attend school. Your gift will give boys and girls around the world the education they need to thrive! Give by December 31st to give Vasuki a warm welcome back from her Christmas break.

Author Dan Ruth

Dan Ruth is the executive director of LPGM and an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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