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“And this will be sign for you: you will find a child wrapped in bands of cloth and lying in a manger.”- Luke 2:12.

Dearly Beloved,

I greet you in the name of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Now, it’s time for us to focus our life beyond nationality, language, religion, tradition, and rituals. It is time now to look back on our past and evaluate whether we have inherited a radically changed life with Christ and through Christ. As we are in the end of 2017, in the process of recalling the past year, we discover the possibilities for the future. We can face the challenges of the present and the future if we look into the past in the light of the past experiences.

The fullness of God dwells in Christ, and the fullness of Christ has graciously invited us to taste and experience the “newness” of life every moment. The year ahead is going to be another wonderful experience of enjoying life in its fullness. For that we have the sign of “Christ being born on the earth”.

girls dancing

Girls at Siloam Boarding Home in Tamil Nadu, India, do a traditional dance.

“And this will be sign for you”- Luke 2:12.

The sign is the hope in the midst of despair;
Good in the midst of evil;
Life in the midst of death;

This sign makes us progress further, experiencing life in all its fullness.

This sign calls us to be involved in the creation of a new order, where there is a space for all to live in dignity, harmony and justice.

The sign of hope, the sign of peace, the sign of justice, the sign of life in fullness, and the sign of newness all have come for us now to actively discern the signs of the time. Discerning the sign of time is to listen to the voices around us.

Let the rejoicing voice of Mary be a sign to drag our attention to listen to the feeble voices of women and children who are experiencing violence everywhere on the earth.
Let the seeking voices of the three wise men be a sign for us to seek those girls who are unwanted.
Let the witnessing voices of shepherds be a sign for us to witness to the truth that men and women are made in God’s image.
Let the voice of the innkeeper’s rejection be a sign for us not to reject women and children who seek shelter.

The story of Bethlehem is a sign for us to work for Christ in a new way. With far reaching vision. To find recognition and acceptance of creation, in the glory of God.

With a prestigious call to serve God, and for the little girls and women, I humbly wish you a merry Christmas and a blessed new year. And I call you to be a sign of hope.

In God’s Vineyard,

Rev. Jane Anitha
Siloam Boarding Home Manager
Arcot Lutheran Church, Tamil Nadu, India

Jane Anitha

The Rev. Jane Anitha is the boarding home manager at Siloam. She cares for over 700 girls.

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