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The Community College at Parrangapettai is expanding its facility, extending its reach and improving its programs, thanks to generous gifts from LPGM donors. A number of the improvements will enhance the college experience for students. These upgrades include better furnishings in classrooms and a new bridge across a canal leading into the campus so classes can continue during monsoon season. The new dormitory and house being built will help students from distant villages benefit from the programs offered at the college.

The Community College serves an area devastated by the 2004 tsunami. The local Lutheran church founded the institution after local leaders said they wanted their children to have more choices for their future occupations than fishing and living off the sea. This year a number of other organizations from around the world have joined LPGM as partners in this ministry. A nonprofit based in Germany, Vision India, agreed to support ten female students at the college even before the exact cost was determined.

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