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Lots of wonderful progress is being made in the English + Program in India!  These pictures tell the story:

  1. The header picture at the top: English+ Trainers are developing a mini-hand washing curriculum in English with songs and actions to teach at every school in which they work.8.21.16 Julie Three Word Poster1
  2. The image to the right: Three Word Post. English+ Trainer Jeni works with students on three letter word families. With their phonetics foundation, the students move quickly through the families with excellent pronunciation.
  3. In addition, English+ Siloam students are working with alphabet cards (image below). First they find the matching upper and lower case letters. Then they give the alphabet pronunciation and the phonetic pronunciation of each letter.

8.21.16 Siloam Students E+1Thanks to Dr. Jane Koons for her ongoing commitment and support to all of the teachers and students who are benefitting from this program.

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