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More than likely, you grew up speaking, reading and writing in English. Minnesotans speak the same language as their neighbors in North Dakota, Wisconsin, even California.

In India, each state has its own language. The country itself has 22 official languages, so English plays a unifying role. Students you sponsor in the boarding homes have expressed how important it is for them to learn English, providing them access to higher education and better paying jobs.

In 2012, you helped jumpstart English+, a program that enhances the government curriculum in 50 schools. It helps both teachers and students improve their English skills.

This past February, faculty from the Second Language Education department at the University of Minnesota provided an external evaluation of English+. The evaluators assessed speaking, listening, reading and writing skills of the students. They also had extensive conversations with the English+ training staff who regularly work with these schools. The libraries in the schools have a wonderful assortment of bilingual books, which the evaluators endorsed for language development in both English and Tamil – their native language.

It’s now summer vacation in Tamil Nadu, so our staff are excited to use this time to strengthen the areas of proficiency and immediately implement ways to grow in the areas identified for improvement.

Thanks for your continued support and prayers for this essential program. You provide important tools to learn English!

Help Students Learn English

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