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From Student to Teacher: The Fruits of Sponsorship

In 2004, 15 members of Olivet Lutheran’s youth group made their
trip from Fargo to India with LPGM.

Lauren (Hedman) Hoffman, 14, and her family had sponsored Christopher, a boy at the Saron Boarding Home, for several years. He was like family, even though they had chosen his photo card at random from a
church narthex display.

Christopher as a student at Saron Boarding Home

Prior to the trip, Lauren learned games like “cat’s cradle” to help connect, despite the language barrier. On the day they visited Saron, Christopher was somewhat shy and embarrassed by his English, but the connection between him and his “sister” was real.

Over the next few years, Lauren’s mother, Terri, and sister also
traveled to India with LPGM and met Christopher. His mother traveled far to thank Terri in person for the family’s support of her son.

Years later, English+ champions Jane and Doug Koons delivered library
books to a school in the Kalrayan Hills. They were met at the river by a now taller, more filled out Christopher. A young teacher in training, he had stayed on campus during a break to receive their delivery.

Today, Christopher is a first grade teacher at Manalurpet, an English+
school. His wife Prema was also sponsored through LPGM, studying at Siloam and in a teacher’s education program. She has taught at the primary
school in Koo-Kallakurichi since 2017.

The joy and gratitude for his LPGM sponsors can be felt in his letters:

The money you gave me was very useful when I was studying in teacher training. I will remember it forever in my life. Thank God and you for that. I remember you in my daily prayer.

Lauren came to our village home and it is still in my green memories. Mom my dear, I remember you when you came to see me [too].

I am grateful to God, Bishop, you and the Saron Boarding Hostel for being in
this position today.

Forever with Love. Your son,
A. Christopher

Christopher and Prema were sponsored students at Saron and Siloam Boarding Homes. Now as adults, they both teach primary school and express their gratitude for their sponsors.

In a recent letter to her LPGM sponsor, Prema wrote, “I am grateful to you for the life I live now is because of you. I am happy I am able to support my
family and my lovable husband stands with me in everything I do.”

Together, Christopher and Prema are bonded in faith and in their commitment to shaping a future generation. This would not be possible without sponsors like you, who invested in their education. Thank

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