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It’s hard to believe that twelve years ago now, Jane and Doug Koons — trusting in the Holy Spirit — packed their bags, gave up their lovely apartment in downtown Minneapolis, stored all their belongings, and got on a plane headed for India.

For twelve years they’d already faithfully supported LPGM, but this time it wasn’t a gift of money: the gift was themselves.

Offering their services to help women and children in India felt like a natural expression of their servant hearts. This bold decision was the beginning of a new (and somewhat risky) journey for these two gifted and generous people.

After arriving in India and starting her work with LPGM and the Arcot Lutheran Church (ALC), Jane soon saw an important need within area schools and quickly partnered with you to create libraries in nearly 100 ALC schools! You helped provide a greater love for reading for so many children and their teachers through this project. Thank you!

Jane Koons surrounded by boys and girls in India

The goal was met. The school libraries were full of books!

But Jane knew there were other needs, too. Through networking, fundraising and sheer determination, she took another giant leap of faith and worked to create an English learning program in many of these same schools.

Here is the bottom line: with your gifts and loving support, Jane and Doug dedicated their lives to improving literacy and English skills for school children.

This year Jane is retiring from her work with LPGM and the English+ program. With the foundation she’s laid, the quality English+ staff Jane has hired, and your continued support, this important work will continue!

Please join us in thanking God for Jane and Douglas Koons.

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