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Sponsorship Stories

PriskillalPriskillal comes from a lower middle class family, where her father was the only breadwinner, a daily wage laborer. Although he was a loving father, he was addicted to alcohol. Priskillal came to Siloam Boarding Home in the first grade, and began receiving financial support from LPGM. She was doing well in her studies until seventh grade, when Priskillal’s father died as a result of alcoholism, leaving the family alone and struggling financially. But in the midst of the hopeless life situation, Priskillal was able to continue her studies through the support of her LPGM sponsors. Priskillal remembers that she was sponsored by the Sunday school children of Hosanna Lutheran Church. She still cherishes the memories of her childhood days writing letters and receiving letters from her LPGM sponsors.

The status of being a semi orphan, she could see the struggles of many of her dear friends. The financial support and safe environment of the boarding home provided her the opportunity to continue her studies, graduating from 12th standard in 2008. Priskillal wanted to continue her studies, but her family did not have the financial resources for her to continue. She and her mother finally contacted the LPGM India office, and she was awarded an Extended Study scholarship, enabling her to take up teacher training. But her dream to get a degree in English was still in her heart.

To pay for her studies in English, she approached Mrs. Esther Sunder, the Headmistress of D.M. Elementary School, and offered to work for any kind of payment. She soon was hired as a Play School teacher for thirty children, and used her earnings to study English through a correspondence course, receiving a B.A. in English and Education. Yet, her urge to study further was a burning issue in her life. She is now studying for her Master’s Degree in English. Inspired by Priskilla’s life story, Pastor Jane Anita, Deputy Manager at Siloam, offered Priskillal a job as caretaker at Siloam Boarding Home, and she has been working for the girls community since last June.

From Priskillal, “People say, oh! Priskillal’s family is strongest! But I know the smile of my mom smiles but behind her silent pains, her cries behind the closed doors, still she fights with all social stigmas that which I know, because I know I am a woman! For me LPGM is not just mere an organization, it is like an Oxygen cylinder, offering life to people at the verge of hopeless situation! It is a bunch of roses which spreads fragrance of life to offer life free of cost, because it helps education girls! They are connecting us through the faith that Lord Jesus is the Way, the truth and the Life.”

May the story of Priskillal radiate love and care among us and may the faith in Christ connect us and keep us in a bond called Christian love!

venciVenci is the daughter of a coolie (day laborer) whose very meager wages make it hard to support his family. Because of LPGM’s student sponsorship program, Venci was able to attend Concordia Girls Boarding Home in Nagercoil, where she successfully completed her 12th standard a few years ago. She went on to become an extended study student with the financial assistance of LPGM and earned her degree in nursing. After completing her nurses training, she got a job at Holy Cross Hospital in Nagercoil. With the income from her job, she is able to help care for her parents. She is most grateful to her sponsor for the “gift” of education.

Encouraged by many people, including her LPGM sponsors in Minnesota, Revathi has ambitions to become a teacher. She was featured in an article in her local community newspaper.

See the story here. If the image appears fuzzy, click on it to enlarge it so you can see the Tamil story. This is one story that inspires us to continue our partnership through Project Education India.

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