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Embarking on my first weeks as executive director at Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry, I have been deeply moved by the love you show for people around the world.

Thank you for your continued support!

The students learning English in India, the women investing in each other in Central African Republic through the Village Savings & Loan program, and the Community Cloud Forest Conservancy programs in Guatemala are all wonderful examples of the transformative work you are doing.

As I look ahead to the coming years, there is great opportunity ahead of us to broaden and deepen this transformative work.

As a Lutheran pastor, I am reminded daily of the “new commandment” Jesus gave us — our Christian vocation — to love one another.

I recently heard one of these stories from Jane Koons, LPGM’s English+ champion in India. She visited one of the six schools in Tamil Nadu where LPGM has provided new computers and computer training to English+ students.

Jane was swept off her feet — literally! — by the energy of the students and their parents. One of the student’s mothers, Mrs. Velankanni, was so happy that her child was learning computer skills that she picked Jane up and kissed her!

Mrs. Velankanni was so excited and grateful for her child’s education that she literally swept Jane Koons off her feet!

It’s a testament to the power of education, and the transformative hope that arises when students are empowered.

I’m writing today to ask if you’ll continue to support this empowering work across the globe. 

Will you help more mothers like Mrs. Velankanni provide high-quality education to their children?

LPGM’s four pillars — Partnerships, Education, Empowerment, and Transformational Travel — are vital to raising up generations who inspire hope. With your gift to LPGM’s Green Shoots, you enable us to invest in new partnerships, as well as deepen the partnerships you’re already invested in.


Thank you for the Christian love you show your neighbor through LPGM. I know that, together, we can continue to inspire hope for generations!

Author Dan Ruth

Dan Ruth is the executive director of LPGM and an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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