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“LPGM envisions a world where relationships transform boundaries…”

So begins our vision (based on our faith in God’s vision) for how the world will look when we — LPGM partners, students, teachers, staff and donors (you) — have accomplished our mission together.

But what does it mean when “relationships transform boundaries”?

Throughout Jesus’ ministry, he consistently and intentionally crossed the religious, cultural and political boundaries of his day to meet people who were at the margins of society.

Whether he was asking a Samaritan woman for a drink of water at the well (John 4), healing a man with leprosy (Matthew 8), or responding to the prodding of a Syrophoenician mother with a sick child (Mark 7), Jesus wasn’t simply performing miracles of physical healing, he was crossing what were considered crucial, sacred boundaries that defined who was “in” and who was “out”. He transformed those boundaries by building relationships (even if only briefly) with people on the other side.

In August, LPGM received word from our partner in Guatemala that a long-term, faithful funder couldn’t give their annual commitment for this year’s flagship WALC program that starts in October. It came as a shock to hear this news, especially so close to the start of the program!

Needing to cover the cost for 80 young Q’eqchi’ Maya women to attend WALC, we reached out to all the people who have met young women like this on a Transformational Travel trip to Guatemala.

I’m proud to announce we all came together to raise more than $26,000 to invest in these young women’s futures! The young women who will be able to participate in WALC this fall will be immersed in environmental conservation, agroecology, nutrition and cooking, health and hygiene, and other life skills that will equip them with the skills, outlook and financial scholarships they need to stay in school.

Meeting our neighbors face to face in Guatemala is transforming the boundaries that previously defined the future for these young women! It’s giving them possibilities they couldn’t have dreamed about before. These relationships are also transforming a boundary between Americans and Guatemalans that is too often defined by fear, politics and walls. Thank you for being part of that transformational vision!

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