Central African Republic

LPGM was founded by a strong and very personal connection to the small, land-locked country of the Central African Republic (C.A.R.). It is a tale of three Tims and of God’s glory in triumph over tragedy (read 1993 December, A Tale of Three Tims). C.A.R is one of the very poorest and least known of African countries and has received little attention in the past by the world community. LPGM’s 20+ year partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of C.A.R. continues, despite the political and economic troubles in the country. The information found here is sobering: If it were my home.  LPGM found these statistics unimaginable and has been called to take action to change them.

total number of CAR Village Savings & Loan Members (6,218 women, 6,264 men)
total number of partners who have collaborated on the Emmanuel Health Center, Gallo project, including LPGM and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the C.A.R.
vaccinations given to children, ages, 0 – 1, at the Emmanuel Health Center, Gallo
the year Tim Olson was tragically killed while working in C.A.R. to build a church. From his global mission service, LPGM was founded in 1995.



Over 20 partners supported the Emmanuel Health Center, bringing health efforts to nearly 20,000 children and families.



Working with Oxfam’s Saving for Change program, a “training the trainer” model is changing lives.



Village Savings & Loan promotes saving, healing, and peace as nearly 13,000 members engage.

Transformational Travel


Although not an active travel site, learn more about future travel to C.A.R.

In CAR, people are resuming their lives. Markets are flourishing and people are everywhere. Everything seems back to normal, but there are many wounds from the past three years. The country is still fragile and violence could erupt. Still, people are hopeful for a fresh start.

Gordy Olson, LPGM Founding Director