Central African Republic: Partnerships

January 2010 marked the dedication of a new health facility in a remote town in western CAR. The Emmanuel Health Center was a result of collaboration between the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the C.A.R., Global Health Ministries and LPGM. While only three partners started the project, over 20 additional partners provided support throughout.

The plaque at the center’s entrance speaks of hope from the prophet Isaiah: “Behold, I create new heavens and a new earth. No longer shall a child live but a few days, nor will the elderly not live a full life.”

In 2015, challenges were encountered: a lack of certain medicines by government services; travel insecurities between Cameroon and C.A.R.; bad roads; reduced services, especially travel to rural villages; a generator that broke down, limiting electricity; and a lack of water.

Challenges aside, much was accomplished! These numbers speak to perseverance:

  • Child (ages 0-1) vaccinations given: 3,078
  • Health/Hygiene seminars held: 50 with 10,722 participants
  • Family planning: 57 women
  • Monitoring infants for malnutrition: 1,612 weighed, 28 malnutrition cases
  • HIV prevention, mother to child: 13 HIV+ cases, monitored closely
  • Medical consultations: 762 children; 2,592 adults
  • Deliveries: 234
  • Surgeries: 76
  • Minor surgeries: 185
  • Hospitalizations: 534
  • Lab exams: 2,355
  • Staff training (1x/month): 12
  • Goverment inspections: 2