LPGM began a new partnership with Community Cloud Forest Conservation (CCFC) in 2015. One of LPGM’s five-year goals was to establish a partnership that was family friendly and closer to home. Board member Tricia Hall introduced LPGM to CCFC and we are excited to deepen this relationship with multiple transformational travel opportunities to the country.

number of young Mayan women who received leadership training through CCFC’s WALC workshops in 2017
the amount it costs to educate one Maya Q'eqchi' girl via the WALC Program & receive a work-study scholarship for another year of school
WALC participants who remain in school for another year with support of an agroecology work-study scholarship



Community Cloud Forest Conservation believes that education is the key to conservation and peace building in Guatemala.



LPGM helps to fund a $150 scholarship for girls who then have access to the same opportunities as the boys.



CCFC’s 25-day leadership training workshop for young women accepts 160 students each fall.

Transformational Travel


Trips to Guatemala began in 2014, and at least two trips are planned for the next year.

Our group was transformed before my eyes when our youngest traveler joined hands with a girl from the village school. Later, we were one group, some from a rural village and some from a big city.

Julie - A Traveler to Guatemala