LPGM began its ministry in India in 1996 with the creation of Project Education India, a student sponsorship program that provides financial and spiritual support for students in six boarding homes in Tamil Nadu, India. The number of students sponsored has gone from 217 in 1996 to 1,440 students in 2016. In addition to Project Education India, LPGM has expanded its partnerships to include a Community College; English language instruction (English + Program); the Lebanon Home for Women; the Timothy Center for Women and Children Empowerment; the QuoVadis Interfaith Dialogue Center; and a new partnership with the Church of North India.

students sponsored through Project Education India since the program’s birth in 1996
generous sponsors support students in their quest for education
women who are widowed or abandoned live on the Lebanon Home campus with their children, weaving and selling beautiful linens for their livelihood
total number of students supported through partnership with the Arcot Lutheran Church in South India via the English+ Program



Three partners include the Arcot Lutheran Church, the India Evangelical Lutheran Church, and the Church of North India.



Project Education India, a student sponsorship program, makes education accessible, providing shelter, food, clothing, health care and school supplies to 1,440 students.



Community College offers vocational training, the Timothy Center gives women and children life skills, and Lebanon Home provides economic opportunities.

Transformational Travel


Trips to India have been transformative, and two are planned for the next year.

My LPGM trip to India was life changing. I would love for my friends to see how different and special it is there and to experience how kind and welcoming the people are. It was an amazing trip!

LPGM Traveler