India: Partnerships

Arcot Lutheran Church (ALC) – The ALC has its founding roots with the Danish missionaries. LPGM began our partnership with the ALC in 1996. Since then, we have walked alongside the church in their service to the people of Tamil Nadu through 94 schools, Lebanon Home, board home student sponsorships, and the Community College. We continue seeking new ways to collaborate and to initiate self-sustaining efforts.  Quo Vadis Interfaith Dialogue Center is a unique interfaith dialogue center also managed by the ALC. Quo Vadis (which means Where Are You Going? in Latin) is a beautiful Christian center encouraging dialog and interaction by people of various faiths. The Center is located in a Hindu holy city where Indians and tourists alike come seeking the meaning of life and faith. Quo Vadis has guest rooms for rent, a popular café serving food that appeals to tourists, a library, computers to be rented for short term use, meeting rooms, and they offer daily discussions and meditations on faith. The Christian presence in this place, encouraging dialogue between people of many faiths as well as introducing people to Christianity, is an important ministry of the ALC.

The India Evangelical Lutheran Church (IELC) – The IELC manages two boarding homes: Concordia Girls Boarding Home which has four sleeping rooms that house 12 girls (grades 6 – 12) each, and the Good Shepard School for the Deaf in Titicorun which has 40 children between 5-19 years (preschool-8th standard). Both schools are located in Tamil Nadu and all 88 students are sponsored at these locations through LPGM’s student sponsorship program.

Church of North India, Amritsar Diocese (CNI) – The Church of North India is the dominant Protestant denomination in northern India and is a united church established in November 1970 bringing together the main Protestant churches. CNI has been involved in the social and economic development of the deprived, oppressed and exploited sections of society since 1978 with a special focus on education of children. LPGM is proud to join in partnership with CNI to help with the establishment of Leadership Development Training Centers. The goal of this project is to see 100% literacy in identified villages within 5 years and to be self-sustaining by 2020.