Frequently Asked Questions

Project Education India

Why should I choose Project Education India?

LPGM offers a unique opportunity to connect directly with the student you sponsor.

We are a small, nimble organization that is constantly communicating with those who manage the boarding homes and therefore the lives of the students. We host a group trip once or twice a year and if you join us, you will meet the student you support and possibly even his or her family.

How can so little money do so much – education, food, shelter, medical care?

It’s fortunate that a few dollars go a long way. The boarding homes are a ministry of the Arcot Lutheran Church and the Indian Evangelical Lutheran Church. In addition to support through LPGM, the educational program receives assistance from the Indian government (for teachers’ salaries), the Danish government and Danmission, a Danish mission society. In addition, there are local contributions from various sources and parents/families contribute as they are able. It is a truly collaborative partnership.

How old are the students?

Children begin school at age 5 or 6 in the first standard (like U.S. first grade). Children study through the 12th standard, usually age 17 or 18.

How much of the money actually goes to the program?

85% of your contribution is sent directly to India.

The remaining 15% is used for administrative costs associated with Project Education India in our U.S. office.

How long am I committed as a sponsor?

We ask that you commit to at least one year.

It’s our hope that you will want to support the student(s) for many years. Nearly 400 supporters have been loyal sponsors for more than ten years.

Can I write to my sponsored student?

Yes! While there’s no requirement to write, all sponsors are encouraged to build a relationship with their sponsored student. Writing an occasional letter and praying for the student connects you with the student and gives him/her the knowledge that someone really cares.

Communicate with your student

Your letter will be translated in India. The students are required to respond to each letter that they receive. The young children will draw you a picture and the older students will write a response in Tamil which will be translated to English for you. They are taught to pray daily for their sponsors.

Can I send a birthday or Christmas gift?

Gifts to the students are not encouraged.

A greeting card or short letter with a picture of your family is a prized possession among students. They can easily carry it with them to share with family and friends. Communicate with your student here.

If you want to send something else be sure that it is small and flat and will fit in a letter or card envelope like stickers, hair ribbons, bookmarks, and postcards.

Large gifts that are bulky and/or expensive to mail are inappropriate. A student that receives a lavish gift can be excluded by other students. A large package may not even make it to the LPGM India Office and therefore will not be delivered to your sponsored student.

Please, never send cash to your sponsored student.

An extra amount (above the sponsorship rate) contributed to Project Education India will be added with other extra sponsor contributions to provide a small gift for all of the LPGM sponsored students. We provide one or two such gifts each year.

What happens to these student after they graduate?

Many students return to their villages where they will serve as community and church leaders who will influence higher standards for education, health and productivity.

More and more students are continuing on to extended studies in a variety of disciplines at institutions of higher learning. Some go on to vocational or technical training. Increasing numbers are attending higher education for professions as nurses, doctors, pastors and teachers.

Read a story about 42 boarding home alumni who came to speak with us.

Today, some alumni are in Chennai working as teachers, nurses or pharmacists, as computer scientists or physical therapists. Some are in nearby villages teaching, serving as nurses, and raising a family. As the stories unfolded, the tears streamed down their cheeks and ours with gratitude for what has been given and received.

What is the Christian emphasis in these schools?

Most of the children enter the boarding homes as Hindus. Hindu families will allow their children to be exposed to the Christian faith knowing that they will also receive a very good education. Some become believers through Bible teaching in Sunday school, morning and evening devotions.

This is a very important mission of the Arcot Lutheran Church.