LPGM was founded by a strong and very personal connection to Africa. Nigeria is home to one of the largest Lutheran churches in Africa, the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria (LCCN). Working jointly with Nigerian and U.S.-based partners, our work in Nigeria is currently limited to serving as a conduit for financial support for the Demsa Health Centre. The information found here is sobering: if it were my home. LPGM found these statistics unimaginable, and our work in Africa is one response to change them.

total number of patients served at Nigeria’s Demsa Clinic
the year LPGM was asked by Global Health Ministries and the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria to oversee the renovation of a clinic in Demsa
number of buildings being expanded to include a surgical space, two delivery rooms, and in-patient and out-patient spaces



LPGM partners with Mount Calvary Lutheran Church (Excelsior), Minneapolis Area Synod of the ELCA, Global Health Ministries, and Nigeria’s Lutheran Church of Christ.



Training of village health workers is a critical part of the Demsa Clinic’s success.



Nigeria’s Lutheran Church and the local government provided a generator and transformer to power the health center.

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I knew LPGM was responsible—that's what drew me to it—but I worried that, on our trip, I would find something that raised a "red flag" or seemed out of line with our mission. Not so! LPGM is careful to avoid cultural imperialism, works hard to engage rather than undermine local economies, prioritizes human rights and development over agenda, and seeks reconciliation between all kinds of "others" in the communities holding the stakes.

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