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Standing before our savior, at his table and by his command, let us pray for the grace of faith and hope and love, for the healing of creation, and for all people according to their needs.

Gentle Jesus, you call us into your company. You bid us eat and drink. Give us faith to trust your way of redeeming the world. Grant us a share in your work, that our lives will come to resemble and proclaim your own. Teach us grace. Help us prepare a table as long and wide as yours, that all may be fed.

Holy Spirit, comfort the baptized. Gather us as people of hope, as servants of Good News, as keepers of your commandments: sinners saved by Grace alone. We pray for the children you have entrusted to this community, especially this night those who join us at your holy supper. Bless each of them and all of us with daily hunger for your promised grace, longing for justice in our days, and thirst for your coming kingdom.

God of the nations, we pray for our neighbors, and ask for your peace. For the faithful who observe Passover this week, celebrating your steadfast love through many generations and obeying with joy your command to remember. Grant that all of Sarah and Abraham’s children, salted throughout this wide world, will have courage and faith so that they might be vessels of your blessed love, and of benefit to the whole creation.

We pray for the ones we love who are absent from this assembly because of illness or estrangement accident or grief. We pray for those who recover from surgeries, whose bodies work to repair injuries and the insults of harsh treatments or therapies. We pray for all who wait for the wholeness and healing you can provide.

We pray for those who travel. Who wander. Who take their leave. For those whose work is dangerous or boring or illegal – whose lives seem overwhelmed and overwhelming. We pray for all who make their living as soldiers, by choice or circumstance, that your peace will prevail and their lives might be saved from bitterness and cruelty. Hear our prayers all who will know the joy and relief of homecoming in the year ahead.

Lamb of God, you gather into your body all mocking, all shame, all obscenity. Take ours as well: the weights and the weariness we carry, the bags we drag through our days. Receive into your frame our hanging violence, our lusts and curses and outrage, our well-tended grudges, our weeping griefs. Pull them from us, because we will not release them easily. Take from this hating and hurting world its hates and its hurts both. Transform our sin by the unspeakable grace of your holy cross.

Prayer by Marc Olson, author and manager of programs at The Family Place. Used with permission.

Author Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry

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