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Linda is from a family of six children in Tanzania. Her parents were planning to force her into early marriage.

When food is scarce and times are tough, child marriage increases. Families see it as a solution; by marrying off a daughter, they have one less mouth to feed, while receiving cows and other food sources as dowry helps them to feed their remaining children.

Linda made the difficult decision to run away.

Linda (right) expresses her gratitude to Esuvat (left).

Linda was introduced to LPGM’s partner in the Safe Initiative, which provided her a safe house to stay, nutrition, medical care, and emotional support while she finished secondary school.

Her national exam results show that Linda is among the best and brightest of Tanzania’s students. She was selected for the clinical medicine program at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center in Moshi. Linda just began classes this month.

Because our partners in Tanzania were able to provide her safe housing, Linda avoided the certain fate of becoming a child bride and instead will someday become a doctor!

“This intelligent girl’s potential could have been completely lost but instead, she will go on to provide for her community’s healthcare needs,” shared Esuvat, the co-founder of the program, who herself escaped becoming a child bride when she was young.

Your support of the Safe Initiative will provide our partners in Tanzania with funds to help shelter, feed, provide financial support for tuition and encourage young women like Linda, so they can pursue an education and follow their dreams.

Thanks to an anonymous couple, your gift through December 31 will be doubled (up to $2,500).

Your dollars will go far to protect young women like Linda and provide them a bright future.

Thank you for investing in the young women helped by LPGM’s Safe Initiative.

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