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Minute for Mission

WELCOME BACK! These words have been heard a lot the past few weeks at churches around the country. As a new year of ministry begins, churches are buzzing with activity – Sunday school and confirmation classes beginning, small groups Excited Kids Photo from Bruceforming, and ministry fairs highlighting volunteer opportunities. But no matter how much is going on in their lives, people are hungry for a deeper relationship with God and a more personal connection to the ministries they support.

LPGM wants to welcome you back after these summer months. God works through LPGM’s partners in amazing ways to bring hope to people who are hurting, suffering, or marginalized. In north India, LPGM’s newest partner church is reeling from damage caused by floods in early September. In the Central African Republic, the Lutheran Church is doing local peacemaking as UN peacekeepers enter the country to bring security. In south India, an LPGM supported community college has record level enrollment thanks to a growing campus and improved equipment. How is God calling you to get involved?

Posted September 18, 2014

Minute for Mission

The following is an excerpt of the blog created by Betsy and Ty Thayer as they traveled through Tamil Nadu on an LPGM sponsored trip July 26 – August 10:

Traveling with LPGM brings many benefits. One of the most fulfilling is delivering packages from sponsors in the US to their students in India. The children ask about their sponsors and often want to know more about them. This genuine interest in another “stranger” is incredibly heartwarming.

Ty and I met both of our sponsored students – a 9th grade girl at Melpatambakkam and a 5th grade boy at Saron. These simple moments helped us connect with the person at the other end of the relationship. The time we had to spend with both children was amazing.

Writing the check helps the children fund their education, food, and pays their boarding home fees. The children we met so much crave a relationship with their sponsors as well. Write to your sponsored child, pray for their health, safety and good education, and if you can come meet them in person DO IT! We are so grateful for the opportunity to get to know these two amazing children, who have a bright future and know they are children of God, loved beyond measure.

The girls of Siloam, another LPGM partner boarding home, have made a video: Salute LPGM – Greetings from Siloam (https://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=RKZXTCtsnNg&feature=youtu NULL.be)

We currently have over 200 children who are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to connect with a sponsor. Your gift of $25 a month, less than a $1.00 a day provides a child with access to education, health care, food and clean water. There is more information on our website, Student Sponsorship, or call the office at 612-823-5058 for more information.

Posted September 2, 2014

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