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Posted December 9, 2014

Minute for Mission

Deeper partnership through changed plans and altered expectations

I just returned from a meeting of all the Lutheran Church in C.A.R.’s mission partners. The meeting was supposed to be held in Cameroon, a little more than a mile from the C.A.R. border. Getting to Cameroon was anything but easy for the group that gathered. After our hosts worked out the logistics for transportation, lodging and food a number of people had trouble getting visas on time.

At the last minute – as we were traveling to the meeting location – all of the planning by our hosts was put on hold when we learned that it might not be safe for the Central Africans to travel from their homes to the border. So we adapted our plans and waited to see if they could travel the next day. After three days of waiting we realized that the best way to meet would be through a video conference, which would require a better internet connection than was available at the border. So all of us traveled back to Yaoundé to meet electronically with church leaders.

Thankfully we were able to hold the meetings four days later and 500 kilometers away from the initial day and location with an abbreviated agenda. While the whole experience was incredibly frustrating for every one of us on that trip, and our families and organizations, we were given the gift of experiencing a glimpse in to the daily life of people who live in areas of violence and conflict. A very privileged glimpse since we were never in any danger and knew that at any moment we could leave on a flight home.

Some people might say that this trip was a failure. I, however, would call it an overwhelming success. It was a success because, thanks to a poor connection we did more listening than talking when we talked with the church leaders. It was a success because we can now appreciate how hard it is for these leaders to travel within their own country for meetings and project visits. It was a success because we heard about their plans for developing leaders and implementing systems in a number of the ministries which used to be led by foreign missionaries. And it was a success because we as partners had a lot of time to learn about each other, our mission organizations and how we can better work together.

You won’t hear me say that God planned for our trip to happen as it did because a number of people I will never meet were killed in fighting that took place between peacekeeping forces and bandit groups while we were meeting. I will, however, freely give thanks to God for making the most of what could have been a very unproductive week and for showing that God has a plan for his church in Africa in spite of violence and political upheaval. After being in Africa I feel more confident than ever about LPGM’s partnership with the EELRCA and the support our donors give to its ministries.

Sincerely, your brother in Christ,
Rev. Mark Warpmaeker
Executive Director
Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry

LPGM is moving soon. As of December 15th our new address will be: 5200 Willson Road, Suite 280, Minneapolis MN 55424

Posted December 2, 2014


giveMN_tag_RGB (https://givemn NULL.org/organization/Lutheran-Partners-In-Global-Ministry)



We exceeded our goal AND our expectations. THANK YOU to all who so generously gave to this project and through this event.

Drum roll … $8,717 + $300 (in-house) + $5,000 match = $14,017!
The needs at St. Timothy are great indeed. If you would still like to send in your financial contribution to support the ministry at St. Timothy, you may do that at GiveMN.org, donate now online or send your check to the office. Thanks for your prayers, too. The people of C.A.R. tell us they can feel the support and love in and through Jesus Christ!

Minute for Mission

During this year’s Give to the Max Day, November 13, 2014 (http://lutheranpartners NULL.us1 NULL.list-manage NULL.com/track/click?u=ceb0bdcd4f4b1ac38e9ca2ddc&id=5a3b2a8099&e=d3427c090f), we lift up our partners at St. Timothy Lutheran Church, and ask for your help in restoring their church.St. Timothy Collage__compressed

For those that fled violence in the Central African Republic’s capital city of Bangui, St. Timothy provided protection and sustenance. People slept in the church sanctuary. The church grounds offered shelter and safety within its walls, as tents provided temporary homes for those displaced. Members of St. Timothy’s congregation put their own lives at risk to provide food and aid to those of all faiths in the area surrounding the church. It was never meant to be used for housing and that situation took a toll on the property.

Today, St. Timothy serves as a bridge to that country’s future – offering sanctuary and hope. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for its repair and maintenance. Will you join us in this effort? Visit GiveMN.org (https://givemn NULL.org/organization/Lutheran-Partners-In-Global-Ministry) or use the donate now button at the top of this page.

Posted November 12, 2014


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