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Open your eyes and meet your neighbor through travel to India, Guatemala, or Tanzania. You’ll leave the tourist books behind and make a real connection with people, sharing ideas and meals, shopping at local markets, and learning about new cultures and traditions.

My LPGM trip to India was life changing. I would love for my friends to see how different and special it is there to experience how kind and welcoming the people are. It was an amazing trip!

—LPGM Traveler

On LPGM trips, you will walk hand in hand with local Christians doing God’s work, learning from them, supporting them and exploring what God is calling us to do together.

Travel costs vary from country to country. LPGM provides all the arrangements for in-country travel, overnight accommodations, meals and activities. It will be clear what is included in the package price and what might be an out of pocket expense. LPGM provides an itinerary and accompanying daily devotional so that travelers and those at home can pray and reflect together throughout the journey.

Tranformational Travel, or Tourism?

Travel comes from the same root word as travail, meaning trouble, work, or even torment. The word tour... literally means "one who goes in circles." Travelers come to immerse their lives and refocus their values. They want to breathe the language of faith and know the way of Christ, even if travail may be part of the bargain. The tourists show up for a more passive experience, happy to drop in when they are in the mood.

I suppose we all have to choose the spiritual road or path that works for us. Will ours be a journey rich in wild mystery, full of unknowables and incomprehensibles? Or will it be a safer path where we pick up a word here and a phrase there, making a few social connections along the way?”

—Peter W. Marty, The Christian Century

Only those who are open to a life-changing experience should consider traveling with LPGM!

It may be possible for you and your group to customize a travel experience. Complete the form below and add your thoughts in the comment section.

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Upcoming Travel Opportunities

Travel to Guatemala

June 2024


“This trip was an amazing experience for our family. It was a chance to see the splendor of God's creation and learn about how we can better care for it.”
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Travel to Tanzania

September 2024


“The opportunity to sit beside and visit with God's people on this LPGM trip to Tanzania exceeds seeing all the beauty of Europe.”
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Travel to India

February 2025


“My LPGM trip to India was life changing. I would love for my friends to see how different and special it is there, to experience how kind and welcoming these people are. It was an amazaing trip!"
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