Communicate with My Student


 Write to Your Student

Writing to your student at least a couple times a year means the world to them!

When you write to your student via our online portal, he/she will write back to you electronically. Our LPGM staff at the boarding home will help facilitate this and may help with translation. A response may take a bit longer during breaks or for academic reasons. As soon as we receive the reply from the student, we will forward it to you. 

The typical school year looks like this:

June 1st - New schoolyear begins
December 15 to January 15 - Holiday vacation
March 1st - Government Examinations Begin for 10th & 12th Standard Students
April 15th - Summer Vacation Begins


 Sending a Letter or Postcard

Unlike electronic communications, we cannot guarantee that "snail mail" (through the post office) will arrive at its destination in India.

If you decide to send something via post, please send only flat envelopes, such as a letter or a card. You may include a photograph or two. Consider including photos of your family, pets, or a landmark near your home, such as a cornfield, a lake, flowers, a tree or a mountain, or SNOW.

Please do not send cash or gifts directly to your student. A student that receives a lavish gift may be snubbed by other students. A large package may not even make it to the LPGM India Office. Your sponsorship and prayers the best way to love, support and encourage your student.

Address your letter like this:

Student Name/Student ID Number
LPGM India
Post Bag 59
Cuddalore 607 001
TN South India

Use our office as the return address to protect your privacy:

Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry
4570 W 77th St Ste 124
Minneapolis MN 55435-5024

It is best to visit the post office to obtain the correct amount of postage to mail your envelope.

It may take at least a month for your greeting to be delivered by post and additional time to process. As soon as we receive the reply from the student, we will forward it on to you.

Thank you for writing to your sponsored student!