Access to Quality Education in Tanzania

LPGM works with local partners to improve the safety, well-being and self-sufficiency of adolescent girls in Tanzania who are in imminent danger of early marriage, or domestic abuse.

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Safe Schools

Mwangaza Education for Partnership

Since 1996, Mwangaza, a grassroots, faith-based organization, has provided learning opportunities for secondary school teachers and students, women leaders, and community members.

In partnership with LPGM, Mwangaza started the Safe Initiative program in 2018. The goal is to create a safe and peaceful learning and teaching environment. Topics shared during Safe School training include:

  • MINDSET to help girls and young women unlock their potential
  • SCHOOL CULTURE to review cultural practices and policies to ensure they are supportive to girls
  • CHILD PROTECTION to help adults to be conscious of how their daily practices affect the safety of girls
  • DISCIPLINE AND ALTERNATIVE PUNISHMENT to sensitize adults on positive ways of disciplining students
  • CONFLICT TRANSFORMATION to emplower girls and young women to address conflict non-violently

The Mwangaza staff works with parents, teachers, and administrators to encourage positive classroom managements, teaching, and learning attitudes as well as supportive decisions that encourage a constructive impact on student learning.

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provides training for one teacher who can make school a safer, more welcoming place for at-risk girls


provides one year of technical training for an at-risk girl in subjects such as home economics, early childhood development, or community health.


Helps a girl and her mother participate in training that leads to meaningful dialogue and community-based solutions to gender-based violence.

The Impact of Your Support

Safe Housing for At-Risk Girls

Going back to their home villages can be a dangerous situation for girls. They are vulnerable to forced early marriges and pregnancy. Eripoto provides safe housing, healthy meals, academic support, and emotional care for the girls identified to be at the highest risk. Eripoto staff also visits government schools to sensitize girls on the importance of education and share strategies they can use to reduce their vulnerability to forced early marriage and pregnancy. Realizing that it is important for the parents to also accept and support a girl's right to education, Eripoto provides seminars to parents in hopes of changing their attitudes. 


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A Past Partnership

In 2004, LPGM completed the Orkesumet Clinic building project in Tanzania with several global partners.

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