Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry (LPGM) is committed to respecting the privacy of its donors. We have developed this privacy policy to ensure our donors that donor information will not be shared with any third party.

LPGM provides this Donor Privacy Policy to make you aware of our privacy policy and to inform you of the way your information is used.

Information Collected

These are the types of donor information that we may collect and maintain:

  • Contact information: name, organization/church, mailing address, phone number, email address;
  • Payment information: bank name, routing number and account number; credit card provider, account number and expiration date; billing address;
  • Information about how the donor came to be a constituent of LPGM;
  • Information the donor has shared with us, such as questions or comments or suggestions; and
  • A donor’s request to receive information from us, such as newsletters, fundraising appeals, prayer concerns, updates from our global partners, and additional items of interest.

How Information is Collected

The above information may be collected when you make a donation to LPGM via post with a check or online using the secure form at We may also collect such information if you make a donation at a partner congregation during an LPGM sponsored event, either by check or by credit card using our remote capture system. Occasionally we have a signup form at events where individuals may indicate interest in LPGM so even when a donation is not made, this information may still be obtained.

How Information is Used

LPGM uses a donor’s information to understand the needs of the donor and provide the donor with appropriate constituent service. Specifically:

  • we use the information to complete a contribution transaction, communicate with the donor, and update the donor on partner news;
  • credit card numbers are used only for donation or payment processing and are not retained for other purposes;
  • we use donor comments to provide a specific donor with information requested or to provide better service to all donors;
  • we take seriously each recommendation as to how we might improve communication.

Use of donor information will be limited to the internal purposes of LPGM and only to further the ministry activities and purposes of LPGM.

LPGM utilizes the expertise of a third-party payment service when receiving online contributions through our website. You may read the Privacy & Security Policy of the firm that provides Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) online donation technology by clicking on their link at the donation page that appears when choosing to donate to LPGM on this page

Donors who utilize other online sites, such as Network for Good or, that eventually forward a donor’s contribution to LPGM for a fee, should consider the privacy policies of those sites.

If a donor has designated a contribution through an employee matching program, a donor-advised fund, the United Way, Thrivent Choice Dollars or any other payment agent, you should consider the privacy policies of those organizations.

LPGM is not responsible for information a donor shares with such third-party service providers as a way to make a contribution to LPGM.

We Respect your Privacy

LPGM will not share, sell, rent, or lease personal information to other organizations or direct mail services. A donor may be listed in an annual report or other organizational document, unless a donor requests to remain anonymous.

Removing a Donor Name from Our Mailing List

It is our desire to not send unwanted mail to donors. You may contact LPGM either by telephone, by email or by post mail with a request to be removed from our mailing list. It is our practice to listen to their request carefully, as some people are specific about “newsletter” and then we would continue to send them the Thanksgiving Appeal letter or an invitation to a special event. Others simply mention “mailing list” and then we stop all communication to that donor. The database will be modified accordingly to ensure that appropriate contact or no contact at all is recorded for the donor. LPGM will also take steps to ensure that the person’s name is removed from any non-database list or record under LPGM’s control.

This policy does not prohibit contact by LPGM that is requested by a person or a person’s representative, even if the person or his/her representative has previously requested to be placed on the “do not contact list.” Contact by LPGM that is requested by a person whose name appears on “do not contact” list shall be limited to providing a direct response to the person’s request and shall not cause the person’s name to be removed from the “do not contact” list unless they indicate otherwise.

A record of all requests for discontinuance of will be maintained.

Constituents who have not made a donation to LPGM

In the case of a person(s) who has a relationship with LPGM but is not a donor, such as someone who receives the LPGM newsletter, LPGM may not collect all the information listed above; however, we still respect the privacy of that person and all other elements of this policy apply to him/her regardless of whether they are a donor or not.

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