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Students in India sponsored since 1996

Years that LPGM has been listening, responding and bearing witness to global partners

Countries where LPGM has partnered

We Provide Access to Quality Education

The Impact of Education

LPGM provides access to quality education for people at the margins—especially women and girls.

A child is 50% more likely to live past the age of 5 if her mother can read
[Education Commission]

Childbirth is #1 cause of death for girls around the world aged 15-19
[World Health Organization]
Child marriage decreases 3-fold for girls who attend secondary school
[World Bank]
For every $1 invested in education, $10 is generated in earning & health benefits.
[Education Commission]

“LPGM has been a marvelous organization in helping to provide access to quality education for girls and women, boys and men. I continue to be astonished at the difference it is making in the small corners of the world!”
-The Rev. Mark Tiede (Minneapolis, Minn.)

Where We Work

We work with global partners to listen, respond, and bear witness to local needs and priorities.

Other Places We've Partnered

We Provide Access to Education

Too many young people, especially girls, want to go to school and get an education, but run into barriers. LPGM works with local partners to identify those barriers and remove them, so that all students can have the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.


Scholarships in Rural Guatemala

For most young women in the rural villages of Alta Verapaz, education beyond 6th grade is out of reach.
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Safe Housing in Tanzania

LPGM provides a safe place for at-risk girls to live and receive tutoring. They also may attend secondary and post-secondary school or study technical training.
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Sponsor a Student in India

When you sponsor a student in India, you provide them shelter, food, clothing, medical care and school supplies. Children come from families who value education, but cannot provide the kind of opportunities they would like for their children.

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Girija P.

I'm a 8-year-old girl.

Ruthra D.

I'm a 14-year-old girl.

Srimathi M.

I'm a 10-year-old girl.

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We Provide Quality Education

Skilled livelihoods are essential for young people to increase their incomes, contribute to their community, and support their families. Vocational training programs provide the skills that increase resilience.


English Learning in India

In a country where each state has an official language, English opens doors to schools and jobs across India.
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Safe Schools in Tanzania

Students deserve a safe teaching and learning environment. Our programs work with teacher, students and parents to improve learning and build peace.
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Literacy in the Central African Republic

Over 60% of the population of C.A.R. lives on less than $2.15 per day, and only 26% of women can read, write, and understand simple sentences. Our women’s literacy program improves the living conditions of vulnerable girls and women while promoting gender and women’s rights.
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We work with global partners to listen, respond, and bear witness to local needs & priorities

LPGM envisions a world where relationships transform boundaries…
-from LPGM's Vision Statement

Watch the video below to see how relationships have transformed boundaries in this greeting from our long-term partners in India, the Arcot Lutheran Church. This video was presented in 2021 as part of LPGM's 25(+1) Anniversary Celebration.