Jul 6, 2022

Trends in Giving: Donor Advised Funds

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “DAF” but are not quite sure what they are or why DAFs are the fastest growing charitable giving vehicle in the U.S. 

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) are a simple, flexible and tax-advantageous way to support causes you care about. They function like an investment account with the sole purpose of supporting charities.

How Donor Advised Funds Work


You make a gift to the DAF and immediately receive a tax benefit.


Your gift grows in an investment account tax free.


You recommend grants for the fund to give to charities like LPGM.

Why Use a Donor Advised Fund?

One couple who has supported LPGM for 25 years shares,

“Reasons we use a DAF are:

Good for charities: Great way to donate appreciated stock without passing the cost of selling the stock to the charity. LPGM gets the full value of our donation.

It's fast and safe: With an Electronic Fund Transfer, the charity gets the money quickly. And the check can't get lost in the mail. 

Simplified record keeping: For us, the DAF provides an easy way to see our donations to all of our charities. Also, we only have one line item when we itemize our deductions rather than having to list each charity individually.

Tax savings: A DAF allows us alternate itemizing deductions and using the standard deduction. We fund the DAF to the max one year and then can distribute the funds over the future years.”


Jim Rohde

Board member Jim Rohde chooses to give through a DAF, saying:

“I had heard of the DAF concept from a friend in the financial consulting field. I paid little attention to it until my business partners and I decided to sell commercial property we had owned for almost 40 years. With the sale came a lot of depreciation and tax liability. By setting up a DAF, Sharon and I funded our giving for several years in the future.”

What to do next?

To decide if a DAF is right for you, please consult with a trusted financial advisor.

If you already have a Donor Advised Fund, you can simply request that grants be distributed to Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry. Our EIN number is 41-1818525.

Please contact Bethany Krepela at bethany@lutheranpartners.org, or 612.806.0733 for more information.


Thank You DAF Donors

The following donors recommended grants from the Donor Advised Funds in 2021. Thank you for providing access to a quality education for people at the margins!

  • Jamie & Jesse Bergstrom
  • Nancy Bruch
  • Darrell & Patt Bruckert
  • Phillip & Beth Brusius
  • Debra Christensen
  • Juliet & Mark Cutler
  • Andrew & Ann Dahlen
  • Emily Douglass
  • Natalie & Bob Gehringer
  • Sara & Lee Goldstrand
  • Nan Grube
  • Ruth & Paul Hauge
  • The Rev. Mark & Marcia Holman
  • Patricia & Brian Jermeland
  • Ron & Susan Johnson
  • Jeff & Faye Kamrath
  • Mary Tinkham & Robert Kean
  • Pauline & Dave Lagerquist
  • Kathryn & Jon Lammers
  • Kelly Lampe
  • Barry & Sharon Mason
  • JoLouise & Jerry McNally
  • Linda Miller & Keith Syfert
  • Kris & Greg Nebel
  • Deborah Carbaugh Nelson
  • Hollie & Paul Nielsen
  • Jacque Olson
  • Leslie Pratt & Marc Hanson
  • Sharon & Jim Rohde
  • Pat & Terry Rosborough
  • Dr. Jane Runzheimer & Dr. Mark Labenski
  • Jeffrey Schneider
  • Iva & Myril Schultz
  • Janelle & Jason Skinner
  • Hilary & Nathan Sonstegard
  • Rosemarie & Richard Stanek
  • Barbara & Chuck Swanson
  • Dorothy & Victor Swanson
  • Stephen & Noreen Thompson
  • Jim & Lori Thomson
  • Ann & Bill Wernz
  • Jean & John Westberg
  • Verne & Bonnie Winter