Jun 6, 2022

Double Your Gift by July 1

We have successfully met our match! Your gift today will be DOUBLED, meaning your investment in the education of these students on the margins will go twice as far! May God bless you for your care for the least of these.

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Education is the Key to Lifting People out of Poverty

You may have heard me say it before, but I truly believe that education is the key to lifting people on the margins – especially women and girls – out of poverty. Education also helps stop cycles of abuse, forced child labor and early marriage, malnutrition, deforestation, and more.

God has provided us with the opportunity to invest in the education of the “least of these,” so that they may have the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.

Safe House Girls Studying
The LPGM-supported Safe House in Tanzania has been a necessary refuge for young women who would not be safe returning home
due to the dangers of early marriage and domestic abuse.

Whatever obstacles you may have encountered (or are currently encountering), whether due to the pandemic or simply to life in a fallen world, there likely are resources available to you – such as the support of family or friends – to take steps forward, and to help you navigate through any barriers that may stand in your way.

The barriers to quality education

For young people in the developing countries where we partner, however, barriers to a quality education seem insurmountable. This is particularly true for women and girls.

Consider these barriers to accessing quality education:

  • Lack of nutritious and plentiful food is a barrier to growing bodies and minds.
  • Lack of medical care is a barrier to students being able to learn due to illness.
  • Lack of safe shelter while attending school or during breaks is a barrier to choosing education over forced marriage and child labor.
  • Lack of funds is a barrier to tuition and purchasing required uniforms and supplies.
  • Lack of family support, especially for young women and girls, is a barrier to choosing education over early marriage or work. And,
  • Lack of education itself is a barrier to self-sufficiency and financial stability.

But thanks to YOU, these barriers are being eliminated!

The students you support globally through Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry are given access to nutritious food, safe shelter, medical care, quality education, vocational training, spiritual nourishment, and so much more!

Support Education

Take for instance Joyce’s story, as told by our partner Esuvat in Tanzania:

Joyce’s father had 6 wives and 48 children. Her bride price was paid when she was only 13 years old. She was forced to be circumcised and suffered a forced pregnancy during the Covid pandemic holiday. She didn’t have someone to help at that time.

She came to hear about Eripoto when we went to her school to lead seminars. She explained what happened and begged for help. I was able to rescue her and give her medical treatment and a healthy diet until she gave birth to a baby girl, named Precious.

Joyce is now back to school. She is safe and full of happiness. We are planning to help her child, too, so that Joyce can feel secure. Her dream is to become an engineer.

When students like Joyce have reliable access to food, safe shelter, and medical care, they can pursue an education and follow their dreams! This is not only lifting up students like Joyce, but their families and future generations, too!

Match Your Gift

Now through July 1, your gift will be MATCHED by an anonymous couple who says, “We care deeply about providing access to education to socially and economically vulnerable students. Our hope is that this education results in generations of resilient communities who’ll have sustained economic security.”

Will you help break down barriers to these students’ education? Make a gift today to help remove the barriers standing in their way to hope and a future!

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Wishing you health and a joy-filled summer ahead!