Apr 11, 2023

Highlights 22-23

Sponsoring nearly 1,300 students across six boarding schools, it’s impossible to show you all the wonderful activities and events students experience. But here are a few highlights from this school year.

Recent graduates held a reunion at  Saron Boys’ School in September. They reconnected, shared college plans,  and inspired current students in their studies.

Sponsors Ann Moe (Neenah, Wisc.) and her daughter Norel Swanson (Missoula, Mont.) spent time at Siloam Girls’ Boarding School, helping students envision, design and paint colorful 
murals on the walls of their boarding home.

Regular medical check-ups are vital to keeping students safely in school where they can perform their best. Here, anti-worm tablets are given to students at Good Shepherd Home for the Deaf & 
Hard of Hearing.

Students learn traditional Tamil dance forms and other cultural arts. Here girls in the Kalrayan Hills perform a dance for visiting travelers from the U.S. in February.

Students vote for leaders of ChildCentered Management Committees  (CCMCs) each year. These student-led committees work on various aspects of student life, such as sports, education, food, gardening, and more. Here a student at Melpattambakkam casts her ballot.