Sep 15, 2022

Invest in Scholarship for Girls like Flori and Ana

I returned from a group trip to Guatemala in June and saw firsthand the incredible impact that CCFC is having on the young women and girls there. Every time I visit, I come home even more convinced in the value of investing in the lives of these amazing people.

We have committed to CCFC’s founders, Rob and Tara, that we will support WALC scholarships for 100 girls this year, and to do so, we need your help. Just $275 covers the costs to host a girl at CCFC for the entire 25 days of the WALC program (Women in Agroecology Leadership for Conservation), which:

  • Gives her new ways of understanding and appreciating her home—the cloud forests and highlands of Guatemala—and the abundant life it contains.
  • Teaches and helps her practice specific skills in nurturing agroforestry parcels, planting trees, reforesting her land, and cooking nutritious foods.
  • Helps her dream dreams and plan plans for what she’d like to do and who she’d like to be as she looks to her future.

Perhaps most importantly, it provides her with a scholarship to stay in her local school another year, helping delay marriage and childbirth, and encouraging her to put her future dreams into action.

Here's My Scholarship Support

When I was at CCFC, I met Flori and Ana. They’re both wonderful examples of the power of the WALC program. Like many WALC students, these sisters were first introduced to CCFC through the Kids & Birds program. Kids & Birds brings primary school teachers and boys and girls to the CCFC campus for a four-day immersion program. Flori and Ana got to sing, play, explore, and learn all about caring for the essential plants, animals and birds that live in the cloud forest around them.

At first, nobody in their village wanted to go to WALC, but Flori and Ana decided to attend anyway. This year will be their fifth WALC program, and Flori’s now one of the incredible young women leading the program!

Image description here.

Flori (age 20) is now studying in university to
become a teacher, thanks to the support she
received through WALC

Image description here.

Flori’s sister Ana (16) would also love to be a
science teacher after high school.


Because of the education, encouragement, and financial support she’s received through WALC, Flori is now in university studying to be a primary teacher. She completed a teaching internship in her village’s primary school and organized a tree-planting project there. Ana’s just starting high school in a pre-primary education teacher’s program. They’re the only two girls from their village still in school.

There are two 25-day sessions of WALC coming up in October and November, hosting a total of 312 girls like Flori and Ana. Will you provide
scholarships for them to thrive?

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