Jun 27, 2024

LPGM Mourns Recent Tragedy in Kallakurichi, India

Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry grieves with families whose loved ones were injured or killed last week by an illicit liquor containing methanol in Kallakurichi, India. This incident has taken the lives of 54 people, with more still hospitalized from its effects. We are reminded that people who are already at the margins often suffer the greatest effects of the world's brokenness and sin.

We are grateful for our siblings in Christ in the Arcot Lutheran Church, who grieve the loss of 7-10 members of their own church, and whose leaders are acting as the presence of Christ in this community as they visit and pray with families, and console the bereaved. We weep with them and pray for them, knowing that neither life nor death... nor anything else in all of creation can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.