Apr 13, 2024

LPGM is seeking a Finance & Office Administrator (Part Time)

LPGM is seeking a Finance & Office Administrator to help manage and further our mission. To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to dan@lutheranpartners.org

The Finance & Office Administrator assumes the responsibility of keeping the office functioning in an efficient manner. The position assumes broad involvement in most aspects of the organization including, but not limited to, accounting & bookkeeping, donation management, and office administration.

Major and Essential Job Responsibilities

1. Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Provides overall execution of all financial accounting and budgeting functions as directed by the Executive Director.
  • Generate general ledger entries for all debits and credits as required, including donations from all sources.
  • Prepares payment of accounts payable, per the standard protocol and procedure or, when less than regular and expected, approved by others.
  • Manages the checking account, assuring there is an adequate balance to cover the disbursements, using the money market account when appropriate; working through the Finance Committee to raise cash or invest cash through investment accounts when necessary.
  • Records prepaid expenses, depreciation, internal allocations, income reconciliations, payroll, and other necessary entries.
  • Reconciles all bank and investment accounts at least monthly.
  • Prepares official financial statements at least monthly and assembles financial information as requested; organizes and files all finance-related data according to the approved Records Retention policy.
  • Submits payroll, tax deposits, and regulatory reports each month through the payroll service provider.
  • Manages the annual audit and the preparation of IRS Form 990.
  • Attends Finance Committee meetings, and other committee meetings as required or requested as an ex officio member.
  • Is an authorized and registered signatory on organization banking and investment accounts, but must act upon the orders of/in cooperation with the Executive Director, Executive Committee or Board of Directors.

2. Donation Management

  • Enters donations made online and via check into donor database daily/as necessary.
  • Manage donor acknowledgement (thank-you letters) via mail or email.
  • Monitor recurring gifts, credit card expiration dates, donations applied to pledges, reminder documents regarding sponsorship, and various other donor-related details in collaboration with other staff.

3. Office Administration

  • Complies with required filings by local, state, and federal agencies for organizational management and human resources.
  • Works with Executive Director to determine state registration for fundraising purposes.
  • Monitors the requirements to maintain membership in appropriate organizations, i.e. Charities Review Council, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, ELCA, LCMS, Guidestar, Network for Good, Paypal and others, or as otherwise requested by the Executive Director.
  • Responsible for office management, adequate insurance coverage, space management, leasehold improvements, electronic and paper records management, materials, building/suite security, equipment, computers & supplies.
  • Maintaining regular review of policies (at least every three years) when approved by the Board of Directors, as well as internal documents of protocol or a procedural nature.
  • File official board reports, notes and minutes in a timely manner.
  • Recommends changes intended to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.
  • Monitors the general email address (office@lutheranpartners.org) and answers phone calls to the general phone number (612.823.5058).
  • Maintains the required historical documents of the organization.
  • Collaborates with the Executive Director in a line of communication to the current IT consultant.
  • In collaboration with the Executive Director, holds administrative authority over the organization’s Microsoft Office 365 subscription, adding and removing licenses and users for email and TEAMS phone services for both U.S. and India staff.


Job Qualifications

Education: Preferably a four-year degree or equivalent experience in an accounting or finance-related field or similar discipline.

Experience: Five to seven years in an office environment, preferably a non-profit setting with financial reporting expertise. Proficiency with Microsoft Office is required. Knowledge of financial software (QuickBooks), email and the internet is essential. Experience in nonprofit fund accounting is a plus. Familiarity with constituent relationship management (CRM/donor database) is beneficial.

Physical, Mental, or Other: This position requires the ability to take initiative and work independently as well as part of a team, the ability to prioritize work assignments, the ability to multi-task, the willingness to perform general office tasks outside the boundaries of this job description (photocopy reports, apply mailing labels, shop for supplies and the like) when called upon. At times, it may be necessary to move storage boxes within the office or load a variety of items from the office to take to an offsite event. Reasonable accommodations will be provided as needed.

Job Specifications

Commitment to Mission: This position should be committed to and passionate about the mission, vision and values of the organization.

Work Direction: The position reports to and is supervised by the Executive Director and follows organizational policies, procedures, and compliance regulations. The work is self-directed and often in collaboration with other staff as defined by the Executive Director.

Accountability: The accuracy and timeliness of any task will have an impact on the integrity of the organization. The person in this position must be trustworthy, transparent, and ethical. In addition, this position has access to confidential information. A high degree of discretion must be used with employee and donor data. The incumbent should always be looking for ways to improve the office procedures.

Work Relationships: This position requires regular contact with members of staff as well as constituents and donors. Must be able to communicate in a clear, concise, and professional manner, resolve outstanding issues, and expected to offer assistance wherever and whenever it is necessary.

Job Location: This position will have shared space in LPGM’s office in Edina. Flexible, remote work schedule is available in consultation with the executive director.

Supervision of others: None

Salary: $24-28 per hour