Jul 6, 2022

A New School Year Begins

Students are returning to their boarding homes for a new school year!

Throughout the pandemic, your sponsorship gifts helped purchase and deliver food and supplies to students and family. And it offered safe, outdoor educational events in the villages. Sponsorships have also allowed us to keep paying boarding homes and staff salaries. This was such a blessing in uncertain times! The last school year was shortened, and so this is the first full year that many students will have experienced since 2019!

Students gather on the lawn in the Kalrayan Hills
Students gather on the lawn as they return to their boarding home at Alathi, in the Kalrayan Hills in Tamil Nadu, India

It may be several weeks before we have a good sense of how many of our LPGM-sponsored students will come back. Our goal is for these students to return to the safety, routine, nutrition, and spiritual and medical care of the boarding homes, which is often lacking at home.

Through all this, we continue to walk alongside our neighbors, sharing the love of Christ as we provide what we can to ensure the students are cared for. Thank you for your support and prayers.

Write to Your Student

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