Nov 22, 2023

LPGM continues to meet accountability standards of Charities Review Council

The Charities Review Council helps donors feel confident that money they donate is being used properly and that the organization to which they have given is meeting accountability standards. 

Since 2008 LPGM has worked hard to meet all the accountability standards of the Charities Review Council. At the time of our first review, it was the board's decision that it was time for LPGM to formalize the way we had been working for more than a dozen years which would then propel us long into the future, too.

These standards are co-created benchmarks representing the shared expectations between donors and nonprofits. The standards are divided into sections:

  1. Public Disclosure,
  2. Governance,
  3. Financial Activity, and
  4. Fundraising.

Each major section also has subsections named for the standard, the philosophy for such a standard, and the requirements to meet the standard.

The review process is quite rigorous and happens every three years. It begins with LPGM paying a fee to the council, based upon our annual budget. The council staff then provides what they call the "accountability wizard" which is an online tool that leads us through the review. It is somewhat labor-intensive as they not only require answers to many questions but also supporting documentation. While LPGM staff completes the wizard questionnaire, the board of directors must also be involved because of their fiduciary responsiblity to and for the mission/vision that drives our work. 

We began the most current review in May of 2023. We submitted our first pass at the wizard in October which was right on schedule with our renewal term. We had just a few action items from the council staff - things that needed more attention or a clarifying answer. Within a few days we completed the action items. And, on November 7th we were informed that we "passed" their review and continue to meet the accountability standards. 

You will read on the Charities Review Council website that they are "where donors and nonprofits meet." We are grateful that their mission, "building donor and nonprofit relationships for strong, vibrant and just communities," is achieved by informing donors and empowering nonprofits like LPGM.

Thank you for being a part of our important work -- to provide access to quality education to people at the margins. Let us know if you have any questions or need more information.