Jan 30, 2023

Sponsorship Rates Increasing in 2023

Your gifts provide education, a life-changing degree. But your gifts do so much more! Because of your sponsorship, students:

  • eat three nutritious meals a day;
  • have a safe place to live;
  • get school uniforms, special Christmas outfits and other clothing;
  • participate in after-school tutoring;
  • receive regular health care and check-ups;
  • and more!

Across the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, graduation rates have increased more than 57% since 2005! More and more students are pursuing college or university, delaying marriage, and raising their own standard of living. These positive outcomes are a direct result of your commitment to invest in an individual student. One student at a time!

To continue building on this success, additional investments are needed.

At this time, the sponsorship rate is increasing $10 monthly (from $30 to $40 per month), or $120 per year (from $360 to $480).

The last time LPGM increased the sponsorship rate was in 2019. Since that increase, your sponsorship has helped students continue to be nourished physically, spiritually and educationally in the midst of a global pandemic. In the past two years, you’ve helped them get back to quality schools that provide them the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. 

It became clear after the COVID-19 pandemic that students and staff need more support to thrive. So LPGM is investing in more resources to support students. This includes mental health counseling, additional tutoring for students whose national exams are approaching, and investments in recruiting and retaining quality support staff (such as caretakers and kitchen staff). In addition, fixed costs continue to rise. Food costs have risen double digits since our last increase in 2019.

At just $1.32 per day, your sponsorship provides:


Healthy, culturally appropriate food
Rice and whole grains, Fruits and Vegetables, Chicken, Eggs, and Regular Snacks


Health & Hygiene
First aid & medicine, Regular Health Check Ups, Psychosocial Support, Clean Water


Educational Support
Tutors, Special Coaching, Sports, Spiritual Retreats and Activities


Support Staff
Caretakers, Cooks, Maintenance, Administration, and Security

We need your help. Will you help us meet this increased need?

I’ve visited these students and have personally seen the difference your sponsorship makes – and maybe you have, too! There is something so profound in seeing and feeling the gratitude your student has for you and what you have made possible for them.

Your options:

  • Support a full sponsorship at $40 per month, $120 per quarter, or $480 per year.
  • Support a partial sponsorship at $30 per month, $90 per quarter, or $360 per year.
  • Name your own sponsorship amount above and beyond that will help cover partial and unsponsored students.

Current Sponsors:
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You may also choose to give any amount to the broader Project Education India program that supports these students (without being assigned a specific student), or give wherever it’s needed most for LPGM programs around the world (“unrestricted”). You are a gift, no matter what or how you give.  

Will my sponsorship rate increase happen automatically, or do I have to do something?

It depends on the way you give. We may need your help.

Do you give through an automatic withdrawal from your bank or credit card?

IMPORTANT: If you do nothing, your automated withdrawal will be increased on or after April 1. If you'd like to authorize this increase earlier than that, or if you'd like to opt out of this increase please call us at 612.823.5058 or let us know via our contact form.

Current Sponsors:
Edit my Recurring Payment
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Do you give your sponsorship through your bank’s automated bill-pay service?

Please contact your bank with the updated sponsorship rate. Unsure of what your new rate will be? Please call us at 612.823.5058 or let us know via our contact form.

Do you receive a reminder from LPGM when your sponsorship is due?

When you receive your next contribution reminder it will include the new sponsorship rate. You don’t need to do anything before then.


We know the student you sponsor is special to you. You may pray for them, communicate with them, wonder how they’re doing and praise God when they succeed. If you have any questiors or concerns about this increase, please contact us at 612.823.5058 or office@lutheranpartners.org. We will work with you to continue to support your student.

Thank you for providing real, tangible support for your student. Through your support of quality education, you are providing opportunities for students at the margins. Thank you for trusting LPGM to be your partner!

Students in Need of Sponsors

Sumithra I.

I'm a 14-year-old girl.

Pavatharani S.

I'm a 10-year-old girl.

Janani J.

I'm a 8-year-old girl.

Buvanitha M.

I'm a 10-year-old girl.

Ramya E.

I'm a 13-year-old girl.

Vishal S.

I'm a 8-year-old boy.

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Questions about sponsorship or this increase?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions about sponsorship to learn more. You can also contact us to speak with someone directly at +1 612.823.5058.

Frequently Asked Questions