Dec 15, 2023

The Story Behind the Smile

Board member and traveler Julie Myles poses with Grecious during LPGM's trip to Tanzania in September.
Have you seen this photo in any of our recent communications?
It's one of our favorites. It captures the heart of our mission -- raising up girls on the margins through education and harnessing the transformative power of travel to build RELATIONSHIPS as we walk alongside our global partners as Jesus taught us to do.
Please read the story behind the smile below and read on, how YOU can bring smiles like these to the faces of more students this year!


Joyce shares her story with Eripoto back in 2021. 

Joyce's Story

Joyce’s father had 6 wives and 48 children. Her bride price was paid when she was only 13 years old.
She was forced to be circumcised and suffered a forced pregnancy during the Covid pandemic holiday.
Our partner, Eripoto, led a seminar on girls' rights at her school. Joyce saw this as a way out. She explained what happened and begged for help.
Eripoto's founder, Esuvat, rescued Joyce and provided medical treatment and a healthy diet until she gave birth to a baby girl, named Grecious, at age 15.
Esuvat cares for Grecious and other children when their young mothers return to boarding school.
Today, Joyce is on Christmas break and back at the safe house, reunited with Grecious.
She just finished her form two national exams (equivalent to 8th grade). Now, her dream is to become a lawyer. Grecious is excited to begin preschool in January.
Esuvat says, "[Joyce is] really changing to be the best student although she's still having some trauma... she always promises me to try forget by praying and practicing what gives her happiness."

Joyce & Grecious, 2021


Grecious, 2022


Joyce & Grecious, December 2023


The story of Joyce and Grecious is just one of many that our partners could tell.
Since the pandemic, the number of girls and young women escaping dangerous home situations and being forced to drop out of school has increased dramatically. This is especially true in Tanzania, Central African Republic, Guatemala, and India, where our partners live and work.
These girls require safety, shelter, food, clothing, supplies, and support so they can pursue an education.
Will you make a special year-end gift to help these girls beat the odds and stay in school?
Thanks to the generosity of LPGM board members,
your gift today
will be MATCHED*!
This means:
·     One school uniform for a girl like Joyce now clothes TWO.
·      One computer training session in an Indian school becomes TWO
·      One scholarship for a girl to stay in school in Guatemala becomes TWO.
Thank you, and may your Christmas be filled with joy, hope, and love.
*Gifts to any LPGM partner or initiative will be matched by current and former board members, up to $84,315. Gifts requiring banking services must be made by Dec. 29, gifts sent in the mail must be postmarked by Dec. 29, and gifts online must be made by 11:59 p.m. on December 31 to qualify for the match and to count toward your 2023 giving.
Questions about making a gift of stock, through your IRA or DAF, or through another method? Contact us at 612-823-5058 or at
If this email and your year-end gift have crossed paths, please accept our apologies and sincere gratitude. Gift receipts are typically sent within 7-10 business days of receipt.

UPDATE, as of January 4, 2024:

Thanks to everyone who invested in students at the margins during our Christmas Match!

We are pleased to announce that the MATCH issued by our board was met.

That means $84,315 - given by you - became $168,630! 

These gifts will be used to help provide food, clothing, safe shelter, health care, mental counseling, and more to students who are fighting the odds to get an education. 

On behalf of our global partners and the students who will benefit, THANK YOU!