Aug 15, 2022

Why a Will is Important

Did you know that in the U.S., when one passes without a will, the state decides who will receive the assets? A current and legal will minimizes delays and expense for your loved ones while ensuring your wishes are fulfilled.

Deb Christensen, a board member, student sponsor, and LPGM traveler (pictured here on her recent LPGM trip to Guatemala) chose to include LPGM in her estate plan years ago. 

"In supporting LPGM, I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact on my sponsored student’s life. By including LPGM in my estate plan, this  transformative work can continue long into the future,” she says.  

Including LPGM in your plans gains you membership in our Legacy Circle. It also means students on the margins will continue to have access to a quality education beyond your lifetime.

Consider This…

+ Without a plan, the state is in control.

+ This is true of assets as well as who will raise your minor children.

+ Sooner is always better. 

+ No matter what your stage of life, the time to create an estate plan is now. Making a plan when you’re healthy gives you time to explore all your options.

+ Wills are not only for the "wealthy." An estate plan lets you give generously to charity. It may offer tax breaks for which you wouldn’t otherwise qualify.

+ You don’t have to do it alone. Estate planning can be intimidating and involve complex rules and laws. A qualified estate planning attorney can help you navigate the process.

+ Estate planning isn’t an event, it’s a process. Review after any life changes (marriages, divorces, births, moves, deaths, etc.) and every 3-5 years to ensure it’s in alignment with your wishes and situation.

For a complimentary, no-obligation resource to help you get started, or to alert us that we are in your plans, contact Bethany Krepela, LPGM Development Director, at or 612-806-0733.

Thank you in advance for taking this important step!